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Whoever did the voice for Covetous Shen..


I read this awesome shizz talking post about Covetous Shen posted as Haedrig Eamon and it was funny as heck, but Shen is the bomb, son. A Trickster God? Awesome. David Lo Pan doing the voice? Awesome and, if you disagree, I will have sent to the hell where people are skinned alive!!!!!

Big Trouble in Little China is, easily, in my top three list of favorite movies ever. Oddly enough, hackers is also in that list O.o

EDIT: as it turns out, James Hong [who IS David Lo Pan] did the voice acting for Shen. I read through the credits because I have a buddy who works for Blizzard to see if he was in the credits and I do remember seeing James Hong, but the name didn't click at the time
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i love that guy too he's just awesome...
He owns,

it can be quite dangerous without a guide.
I thought the dude that did Zolten did awesome too, badguys just get no respect...
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I really like Shen. He's an awesome old man.
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I noticed this when I first heard the voice too. All I could think of was "I only make eyes"

I must be dating myself since everybody here knows him from Kung Fu Panda, but for me its Blade Runner and Big Trouble in Little China.

Appropriately enough, today I saw an episode of Big Bang Theory with him in it. "I have oxen in my bed! Many many oxen!"
His laugh kills me. I loved that movie.
James Hong is the man, David Lo Pan told me so.

Indeed! ~David Lo Pan
I agree James Hong did a wonderful job. At times it feels like some of voice actors just didn't "get it". Or were just bad (Terrawr).

Top 3 characters to me:

1. Shen
2. Scoundrel (Look at that thing over there! Lets kill it!)
3. Kulle (Dat laugh)
I hope he has a bigger role in the expansions :P

p.s. more jokes please.
Why do people actually like Covetous Shen? I HATE him! He represents the worst part of Diablo 3: the death of the Horadric Cube
That and he's fu.cking annoying
Yay a Big Trouble in little China nod. Lo Pan was hilarious!
Hey since blizzard dropped a Lost reference into Diablo 3 wouldn't it be funny if the put one in for BTinLC? I can see it now, Egg Shen's Six Demon bag as a random item drop. It could hold other random item drops like Wind, fire, all that kind of thing!
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