So i REALLY liked my monk....i loved him to death...

i was dash striking around, teleporting around with thunderclap, dropping bells/pillars on top of people, while i had a SICK whirlwind around me....and every once in a while i can do INSANE damage as i teleported around seven times and stuck a mob before he even knew what i was doing....

but then Hell difficulty came about, and that wasn't working anymore

now i sit in one spot...spin around bringing everything to me, and let my whirlwind do the work while i auto attack for spirit....and then if i am on the brink of death, i heal myself....heal myself a different way....spam another heal....or become invincible for 2 seconds because i was stuck in a sticky situation

now in Inferno, i just spam my Mantra of Healing...while i auto attack to get spirit just to spam a heal to keep the group up....i can't even use an offensive ability that uses spirit, in fear that someone may die because i wasted spirit on damage instead of a heal...and then i get blamed for trying to do damage instead of healing

it just flat out sucks that what i was doing to get through normal and nightmare, didn't stay the same going into hell and inferno

....and BLIZZARD said there weren't dedicated healers(monks) or tanks(barbs)...i've been going into hell and inferno games....and groups are EXPECTING me to use mantra of heal spam....and are EXPECTING Barbs to do crap damage and just soak damage so the ranged chrs can melt stuff.....wiz, demon hunters, and doctors basically expect us to do crap damage


now what i think can help the monk maybe make the conviction aura's life on hit rune a 100% chance to grant 500-700 life on hit, and 1000-1500 for 3 secs after activated....then we use that aura for the group, and everyone just attacks as much as they can and they stay alive, meanwhile the monk gets to take tons of dps abilities again, because the healing is taken care of already

please make the earlier fun...a fun way to go through hell and inferno....instead of only making it viable as after i have out-leveled the content
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