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Important DH Infos So Far...

i spend as much time playing the game and reading the forums ... taking notes on the guys who really have been in inferno, and watching as much videos as possible.

i am currently in Nightmare act III, and my first and only NM death is against Belial - got caught in the acid pool without SS on.

here are the things i've learned.

*these are useless in higher difficulties:

-damage overtime stuff

*2 skills you cannot be without:

-Smoke Screen w/ Lingering Fog
-Preparation w/ either back-up plan or battle scars

*Best AOE, currently under debate, but the top candidates are (in no particular order):

-Lightning Ball
-Nether Tentacles
-Multiple Shot w/ fire at will rune (i have yet to see or read valid field test results on the viability of suppression fire)
-Razor Disk Chakram

*here are the key game play techniques:

-you must be mobile (sorry, skills like rapid fire is out of the question)
-you will not survive more than 2 hits in higher difficulties, so make sure your DPS can really make a dent within your first 2 smoke screens (save Preparation for the important stuff)
-you don't want to see any monsters within 10 yards of you
-you will be using your primary skill most of the time so make sure it has the potential to do as much damage as possible, say Hungering Arrow.


that's it... if your build fits the summary, then i guess it is a good build. if it doesn't, then i guess you'd have a hard time on mid Hell or something.

any of you guys want to add?
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My thoughts on your summary as someone working his way through Inferno act 2 (I public game everything but most pugs kinda blow and it actually matters in inferno so its slow going.)

-Rapid fire is very viable in inferno if you build your character around it. I don't use the skill but I believe you can smoke screen in the middle of rapid fire and there's probably ways to abuse rapid fire that I never cared to try. For example, I don't think hatred regen is hard to get so you can probably use rapid fire as your main attack with 7-8 hatred regen/second from chest/armor/quiver a bat companion. All those attacks can crit and probably feeds night hunter.

-frost arrow's one of the top aoes as well, especially if your dps is lower or you pug like me and need to cc mobs because of lack of dps overall from the group.

-preparation with invigoration or focused mind are good choices too. One gives 10 more discipline for 5s. Since you're not using prep unless you're out and need it, its never wasted. If you can anticipate using alot of smoke screen in the upcoming fight, focused mind lets you pop right away at start of fight rather than wait you to run out of discipline. I'm sure someone will do the math eventually at how much max discipline you need before focused mind generates less discipline than regular prep and I'm sure its going to be more than most people have for their characters.

-I don't think you REALLY need lingering fog in a group unless you're solo (templar dies so fast) or planning to chain-smoke screen the whole fight. I mean there's 2-3 other people for monsters to target so you just need it to block attacks coming at you that you can't avoid. I use lingering fog cause my connection isn't the best but I've seen some demon hunters use a different rune and do fine.

-there's alot of viable skills. The arcane bola for example probably averages just as much damage as hungering arrow but its aoe. You just have to be willing to work around the delay. The only skill everyone really carries in inferno is smoke screen.
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-I don't think you REALLY need lingering fog in a group unless you're solo (templar dies so fast) or planning to chain-smoke screen the whole fight. I mean there's 2-3 other people for monsters to target so you just need it to block attacks coming at you that you can't avoid.

You don't necessarily need it, however having it alone could certainly do yourself a lot of favors and overall helps you accomplish a lot of things than without. The other runes for it aren't that great or far too situational.
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Stuns are not useless technically in inferno, they still work (at a reduced rate though) against champions(yellows) and elites(blues). Fear works against them as well. Stuns and fear don't work against purples(bosses) but these are typically way easier than champs and elites so it doesn't matter (i pack chem burn impale as my main dump for these)

Slows on the otherhand barely work and are not reliable from hell mode on.

I still run bola + stun and Elemental + fear for inferno, and i can fight off most champions/elites i run into (hardest ones for my set up is invulnerable w/minions since the minions block my bola and impales making my elemental fear the only real source of damage) It can be tricky, but the fear/stun combo is REALLY strong in narrow areas, especially with the templar follower cockblocking for you.

Personally i think DH is pretty versatile though. I've tried all sorts of builds and they all worked; you can go with almost any setup as long as you have ways to single target dps, and aoe dps. And of course bring ss/prep
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