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still missing Scabbard of Talic the Defender

90 Human Paladin
has anyone seen it recently and if so where?
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It's in the Watch Tower Level 2 that spawns in Northern Highlands.
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Easiest way to get it is to either get a character to the checkpoint just before the hunting grounds or to use the waypoint in northern highlands. Head to the side of the cliff to check for the watchtower and if it's there, run it. If not, log out and start up a different game.

On level 2 of the tower you will see a merchant in the room with you as you zone in. If he's not there you can either run the tower for the stuff (depending on your level/your alt character levels it may or may not be worth it) or just log out and start over.

It took me 10-15 runs of the tower itself, and a number of northern highlands runs did not have a tower spawned.. (I didn't count. It was quite a few.)
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I've been at it for about 4 hours now trying to get this lore book. I've probably reset Northern Highlands about 100 times and seen the tower much less than that, still no go.

EDIT: My friends think I'm nuts and I should just get to Inferno already, but I'm an achievement !@#$%.

EDIT 2: Wooo finally got him a few minutes after making this post, awesome! Guess he's just very rare.

EDIT 3: He happened to be selling a Spirit Stone so I could finally finish the "Shut Up And Take My Money" achievement!
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@Glowyrm - good for you. Like you, I've been at this Lore Book quest for several hours. I've just spent 4 hrs logging on, fast traveling to the Northern Highlands, searching for the tower, logging off ..rinse and repeat. I've found that the Tower shows up about 1 out of 3 times. I also noticed that lv 2 dungeon layout is also random. I'm bored and frustrated with these "rare" locations and collectibles showing up. If I might impose..

1. On lv 2, where exactly does the merchant show up? First room you enter?
2. Do you have to completely log-off of game or just "leave game" and hit resume at your latest checkpoint. (For me, I've completed Act 1 with my Monk. The Caravan Leader is waiting for me). So I just start here always.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I am currently at it. The tower spawn rate is kinda high for me but the merchant never showed up yet.

Fenix, u can just TP back to tristram then leave game and resume game to reset the map
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I have personally done literally over 100 runs of watch tower hell and normal combined, over 200 games, and have spent the entire day trying to get the merchant. STILL NOTHING.

This is suppose to be an achievement, not a lottery.

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85 Worgen Warrior
When you enter the tower, just cruise through the first floor. If you have Leap or Teleport you can skip down to the second floor stairs if they're located below you.
The event begins right as you enter the second floor. If you don't see Vendel, leave game and try again.
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Found him, did the quest but he sold Rare Crossbow and other items. No Spirit Stone, disappointing. It was my 3rd run anyway ^^
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I'm not spawning the merchant at all. I've been at this for 2 days now and hundreds of runs. If i wanted to play the damn lottery, i would have bought my tickets long ago.
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85 Goblin Priest
I hate this so much. :/ It's a harder farm than Chiltarra.
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I'm sad to hear how difficult this one is. I just started looking for it and I have very low hopes of finding it before breaking down and curling into the fetal position whilst crying and sucking my thumb.
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haha, never mind. I found it on my 4th time through. I was on inferno
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Here's my experience of all this. I played several times as a Demon Hunter, lvl 16, and the Watch Tower spawned probably 9/10 times, however i never saw the merchant. Then i switched to my lvl 39 Monk, still playing in normal mode, and I had the Scoundrel with me who said something like 'Now what's this?' before I enetered, and I found the merchant right when I eneterd the second level! So the difficulty level probably doesnt matter, but maybe the level of your character? Or we're all just very unlucky lol... But playing as a DH i had the Templar following me and out of 15 times he never said anything when we saw the Watch Tower, so when the scoundrel said something when he saw the Watch Tower, it just felt like a sign or something lol. Anyone else had their follower saying something when you eneterd?
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Ive had the scoundrel say that line when approaching the tower, merchant wasnt there.
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90 Human Death Knight
Just to add:
I got it as level 17 Enchantress, Templar follower

As it said above, portal in, check west border for tower, if not, leave game.

Event NPC was right at zone in of level 2 of the tower.

Took about 20ish tower spawns, got the tower about 1/3 of the games.
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took me about 2 hours to get him to spawn, he popped up just now when i was about to give up
normal mode, 59 hc dh with templar

i can just only guess how many towers i needed, could've been close to 100.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
I got it not that long ago (2-3 days), simply had to reload the game a few different times and then the quest was there.
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