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still missing Scabbard of Talic the Defender

I've been going at this for about 2 hours. Level 60 on Normal mode. I saw that some of you had success no matter the difficulty.

Someone give me hope!

EDIT: Well, apparently the trick is to post about it here and then a few minutes later it'll happen. Finally!
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frustrating to find!
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85 Undead Hunter
This is awful. Been in the tower about 50 times now, trying for about an hour at a time, different characters, different levels... the npc is never there.
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Ran this about 80 times before I got the merchant then after everything (including reading the scroll) it didn't update my Achievements. Ran about 30 more times and got him again and this time he didn't even drop the scroll. Someone else said to try a different character so I did that and after about 15 tries got the merchant, the scroll, and finally updated my achievements. Some of these quests are crazy! Double whammy's (may spawn the dungeon but not the NPC) should be highly discouraged in future updates.
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I've spent hours looking for this, changing between multiple characters, as it's my last achievement for Act I campaign achievements. Clearly I am extremely unlucky vs this being glitched. I just found this thread to confirm that I am looking in the right place.
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I started looking for this one recently and after reading this forum I found the merchant right as I entered on the second level the second time I reloaded it. I was playing a level 58 wizard with no followers in nightmare difficulty. So maybe I am just lucky but I found it to be very easy.
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10 runs - 5 towers no merchant
20 runs - 12 towers no merchant
30 runs - 18 towers no merchant
40 runs - 24 towers no merchant, 1 legendary
50 runs - 30 towers no merchant
54 runs - 33 towers Finally the merchant!!!

*edit: The very next run I got the merchant again. LOL!

Starting to think this was my white whale.
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ive now been farming this quest in inferno, done about id say 15 runs, not a merchant to be found yet. (thats about 2 hours)
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4:20am, about 4 hours and id say 40 spawns of the tower and finally this guy shows up. On the plus side he also had a spirit stone to sell. (i hear thats rare too) NITE!!!!!!!!
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To make things a little quicker...

You can identify whether the tower has spawned by looking into the background. If a ruined tower is in the background, the tower spawns in the foreground. If not, then it isn't there either. I've checked this sooooo many times now....
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Still not found mine after trying for ages!, don't give up everyone!! it will turn up :)
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Finally got it! Took cca 25 times...
screenshot: http://i45.tinypic.com/5l6wpz.jpg
edit: find his sword and he will give you the book ;)
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I still do not find the item after several attempts .... this is really sad :(
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85 Undead Warlock
I've looked for the Watch Tower uncountable times on different chars, some resetting their quests to "The Imprisoned Angel" and NEVER saw the tower. Do you have to be on the beginning of that quest? On its end? Middle? Or, doesn't matter?
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It got moved to the Southern Highlands after the 1.0.5 patch. It's position is still the same though, it's spawn position will always be off the NW cliff. So take the Highlands Crossing Waypoint from there just run NW till you reach the end of the map and follow it, if you don't see it by the time you hit the Northern most edge of the cliff, just restart.

Be warned however, the Blacksmith's spawn rate on the 2nd floor is pretty slim, but thankfully after you first find the tower it's pretty easy to navigate from the waypoint to the 2nd floor of the tower within 5 minutes.
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Blizzard should make the NPC and the watch tower appear more often so the achievement can done more easier. I still got nothing for doing so many runs.
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Got it around the 50th tower run. Talk to the merchant, take the quest, complete the quest, talk to him again, he will drop the book.

No spirit stone sold by him. :(
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YES, @KuroSetsuna, I totally AGREED with you, this is suppose a goal of achievement, not a LOTTERY !!! login logout, leave game, resume game for 100 times BUT nothing yet.
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completely agree...

Achvimnet, especialy one so long as this one is about feeling of acomplishment
but if you spend X days and hundreds of runs in it, it somehow rob you of that feeling, even if you finaly finish it

EDIT: So after 8 runs more - 4 towers I got it... still no spiritstone to seel, Ya I know I should be grateful for this at least

116 tower runs in total, around 300 restarts of game on Inferno MP1, MP0 and even normal. Templar, without any follower and with scoundrel.

No leapers outside tower, no other sign in dungeon layout.

So it is really only abut rarity of event itself, it can by completed by anybody
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