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edit: this thread was authored a week after release --->

Hi, I'm supafrench

i'm a normal dude+d3 fan; school, graduate, work, bills, live, chill, etc. I too took some time off starting around launch to dedicate to D3 launch. I've tried to play as intensely as I could manage--I definitely found myself fatigued badly at times irl from focused demon killing. (lol it was glorious as Kormac would say)

I've got a good start out of the gates; I'm in love with the game, and obviously going to keep playing often (newp, not gonna lose the job, sorry. so the hours/day will be limited-ish) I'm not a pro gamer with a stream or channel or anything, but I think this world first will be slow and steady wins the race. I'm not in a serious team or clan or anything, but i do have voice chat and i've talked with some of the few regulars I've found on my friends list.

Obviously, since it would include 2 very thorough HC achievements (all mob families rare kills and all mob families champion kills) and I'm an exclusive HC player, yay for me.

Anyway, I'm not going to deviate out of my plan to play all HC in my attempts to knock out all achievements, which means classes will all at some point have to be a full account of 10 HC Lv60s, (5 x 2) and then at least an Inferno clear with one of each class, plus challenges, Brief Butchering stuffs, etc.etc.

I think I wanna go for it. It'll be nice to see if my progress thus far really is that good even ;/ lol

Can't wait for battle.net profiles, btw. how are they coming, Bashiok+CM crew? o.o;;

Edit: To give you an update on a long cumulative one: I'm 1% of the way to The One Percent. That's 'Staying Gold' most recently at 1,000,000 gold.

Edit #2: And I gotta say, this game is absolutely eye crying good every single minute I've played. Obviously.. for me to ponder up wanting to think about this, haha

The first time those credits rolled, I sat and watched and snuffled up in joy. Thank you Blizzard

Edit #3: Yes, I know I need to have 25 softcore revivals. (currently 3 out of 25, hehe)

I still have my level 10 character I had to make initially, and I'll do those and maybe I think I'm Going on normal mode. (I did have a chance to get I think I'm Going on Hardcore just the other day, [ ~50 hp / 4k hp getting cocky with Archon vs Izual+crew; stupid near death, btw :x ] but I didn't get the teleport cast off before I oh!@#$ o%^-* got away and healed. Also, my Survivor progress only has 2 on its progress bar so far. So I may have to 'cheese' some of other achievement progress in normal mode as well. But hey, that's all good too
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Good luck to you, my friend. I'll definitely be going after 100% achievments, but I don't aim to be the first to get it.

Just one question, are you korean? lol
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nope, caucasian male. um, just turned 27, few years removed from college.

never super competitively gamed, traveled to regional-ish Halo: Combat Evolved tournaments like 10 years ago, hehe (OH!) And I would absolutely destroy you in Mario Kart: Double Dash. Ruthlessly. I welcome any and all challengers

i just love diablo. and I'm probably an idiot--I may be sooo far behind the Korean pace. Maybe I need to target Americas server first, All Achievements

And the people who get all the 5 classes x2 level 60s progress may do so in normal mode. I'm just going to play HC. I think that may give us a leg up for all of them. (seriously, forget finding all the mob types again, imo)

But I have no idea on my progress really. Only Blizz for now.

wru profiles ~ ~ ~

Edit: And wtflol @ the 666 enemies chandelier killed. Ugh, I'm like 25 / 666 @Q@;
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Hey supafrench,

it's nice to have some competition, welcome to the race :)
That said, you WILL need softcore characters aswell. It's stupid to try and do the naked, saviour and survivor achievements in HC.

And, of course, do not forget that some achievements are bugged right now.
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Well i dont think you will make world first, nothing against you or your ambition for it, its just in the past some people a) account share, b) play far too much for us working people to handle and c) just know how to exploit it as much as poss without getting bored.

US first could be doable, are all achievements available in hardcore? surely there are some SC specific ones? hopefully there isn't a "die this many times" one haha. i haven't looked through all of them yet, so not too sure.

I'm currently on 400ish achi points, but only on act 2 Normal HC currently. I have already seen some people close to 1k or even maybe above it, to give some perspective.
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I think I will do Cydaea on Hardcore. Good team and level 60s; should be not bad.

That's Naked Lust.

I don't want to dedicate tons of time in normal mode. Feels like a waste, ya know?

Normal mode achievements: 25 revivals obviously, Survivor progress as needed, and Wizard up to Teleport for I think I'm Going.. we'll see what else
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Do you guys want to see my profile as of this morning? lol

It's embarrassing, haha, cause I -am- working full-time. On-call busybusy job even, just obviously almost all D3 time for the vacation days the last few days

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~36.7k kills

Asteria: Your flesh is weak!
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What a list! how much coffee did you drink this morning?! haha
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I actually don't drink or use caffeine. D3 excitement has been sufficient fuel, for the most part.
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finishing up my normal mode character achievements soon (hopefully tonight) then deleting my initial pre-req character finally ~

yay for 10/10 HC mode slots. then the goal is 10 60s
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Good luck with inferno HC act bosses achievements :). I think the only way anyone will get them anytime soon is if Blizzard starts selling the achievements in their store :P.
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05/24/2012 07:56 AMPosted by Pzypro
Good luck with inferno HC act bosses achievements :). I think the only way anyone will get them anytime soon is if Blizzard starts selling the achievements in their store :P.

I wouldn't put it past them, lol.
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so um. Savior is hard, and I hadn't really fully absorbed the requirements for its completion until 2 days ago or so. Hopefully finishing soon still, just not like I had hoped
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Ok yeah, Savior took some time. But it's done now~

I went to bed last night at 3000 achievement points c:
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Grats man ....question how many points are there O_O
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Good question; I don't know exactly. 5000?
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There are 4530 total achievement points possible on D3. I'm pretty sure there are a couple of people already in the 4000's, so i'm not so sure about your worlds first as you seem to be pretty behind, but good luck to you brotha =D

I am currently at 3090 points, focusing on clearing the act locations/lore books.
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yeah, kinda the main purpose of this thread. communicate the efforts of those looking to fill up all those bars on the Summary tab.

sooo much pretty orange, gogo~!

nice work on 3090, ahead of me a fair bit. good work!

Are you on the Americas server too? Are some of these other bigtime HC players Americas too? Or Europe server? It feels like more are on Europe for some reason, who knows
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It doesn't really matter how far along everyone is. Inferno diablo is still an achievement. GL in act 4.
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