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Theorycrafting: Dodge Monk: MoE-Backlash


Monk max dodge math:

3705 equipment dex max (as seen on AH)
+lvl dex
+equipment perfect rolls (rounding up from found values)
(~4000 = 60% base dodge)

+manta of evasion 15%
66% Dodge

+the guardian's path 15% (duel wield)
71.1% dodge

+fists of thunder w/ lightning flash (16% for 2sec)
75.724% dodge

+sixth sense Crit%*.3 (47.5*.3 Max crit| 14.25% dodge max)
[57.5 w/ innas glory, 2X natalya's set, 2X legendary weapons|17.25%]
79.18333%[79.91161% w/] Maximum 'long term' dodge

+Dashing strike (20% for 3 sec) blinding speed
83.346664%[83.929288% w/]

+Cyclone strike (20% for 3 sec) wall of wind
86.6773312%[87.1434304% w/] Max dodge against normal enemies

+blinding flash (60% for 2sec) searing light [cooldown /elites only]

94.67093248%[94.85737216% w/] Absolute maximum attainable dodge

You will not be able to get the perfect stats on those ledgendary items.

I would definately take 'seize the inititive' as my third passive for this. (It's ~55% damage reduction on its own against a lvl 65 enemy)

Dex equipment:
Best on AH (+max from sockets)

belt 202
boot 298
armor 226 (58 X3 sockets)
pants 163 (58 X2 sockets)
shoulders 197
helm 194
amulet 300 (+58 socket)
rings X2 215 (+58 socket)
gloves 298
bracers 253
1h weapon X2 680 (340X2)

Critical hit:
+47.5 (equipment max) [57.5 w/ legendary items]
helmet 6
amulet 8.5
rings X2 4.5 (9)
off hand 0
gloves 10
bracers 6
belts 0
boots 0
armour 0
pants [inna's glory 1.0]
shoulder 0
weapon [
flesh taerer 1.0 (axe)
kill 1.0 (dagger)
nutcracker 1.0 (mace)
arreats law 1.0 (spear)
sever 1.0 (sword)
born's seething rage 1.0 (sword)]

+5.0 (Base Chance)
+3.0 (scoundrel ability)

total (47.5)[
+1.0 Inna's glory
+2.0 ledgendary weapons
+7.0 Natalya's Wrath set (2 pieces)]

80% > Maximum 'long term' dodge for a monk
95% > Absolute maximum attainable dodge for a monk
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I regularly clear inferno with 50.5% dodge and MoE:Backlash. It's very effective.

I have 2177 dex though so my dodge gets a huge boost.
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Just tested out a variation of a dodge build for a little while, my Dex is only just over 1400 and my crit only 15% so I didn't use Sixth Sense. However, I did find that even with only 15% crit, Sweeping Wind - Cyclone can be quite effective. Backlash burns for 81% weapon damage with my setup apparently.

Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#adgXih!dXU!Zcaccc

Passive dodge% with MoE up is around 55%, probably around 75% after using FoT - LF and DS - BS. StI and OWE let me take the few hits that do get through on my 614 resists and 5050 armor so I haven't made myself completely squishy. Also I swapped Blazing Wrath for Penitent Flame because I felt like the build was missing an ability to give it breathing room, but it can be swapped back with minimal trouble I think. Overall I like it.

As I said though, only played around with it for a few minutes. I'll try out a few butcher/maghda runs tomorrow to see how it does.
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Tried it out on a Maghda run and I was getting eaten alive. Maybe I was getting unlucky but I didn't seem to be dodging as much as I though I should be, and despite decent act 2 stats the attacks that got through hurt a lot. I ran into a champion pack of cultists that I could not beat because they two shotted me every time and dodging was failing me.

I want to love this build but I think it's safe to conclude that it's something that should only be attempted with good-great gear. I could also use some LoH because I don't have any.
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Dodge should be treated as a bonus.
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my monk is currently siting at 77.1 % dodge...still wondering if i can hit that 100% im not para lev el yet but with enough dex and skills added i think i might be able too? hopefully
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holy necro thread, plus no understanding of mathematics... trolling, surely (?)
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