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Vendel the armorsmith

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anyone know were he spawns..i ran the watchtower random 40+ times and he has not shown up yet..is there any other spot he appears
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Watch Tower level 2 in Act 1: Northern Highlands

p.s. he is a rare spawn so he won't spawn every time.
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Did this on normal alot never found him found the dungeon alot though

Went to inferno 5 runs till i found the dungeon and he was in there the first time. Do it on inferno
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I just found him on Normal, had to run the damned place over 40 times though. Just keep trucking, you will find him!
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Vendel spawns as a quest right as you enter Watchtower 2
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i made 20+ tries on hell and nothing, tried once on inferno and BOOM there it is! so definitely more chance of getting it on inferno!
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06/07/2012 02:37 AMPosted by Stich
i made 20+ tries on hell and nothing, tried once on inferno and BOOM there it is! so definitely more chance of getting it on inferno!
Or you coincidentally getting the lucky roll the instant you tried Inferno. Unless we see consistent results, or a blue confirmation, we can't assume that a higher difficulty increases the odds of getting any particular event/dungeon to spawn.
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It seems there is nothing special about Inferno compared to normal.

I did over 50 runs on both normal and Inferno tonight and not once did I see Vendel. That said, the instance itself seemed to spawn about 40% of the time. I do remember seeing Vendel the first time I ever entered the instance, but for some reason I didnt complete the quest. Either he disappeared as others have reported or I simply forgot to pick up the Scabbard as I did with Despina's Journal (#5 Drop out of Old Keepsake via Old Tristram Road).
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I ran the dungeon in inferno too, but it took me 20+ goes to find him. Gave up running normal because it although it took me longer, the loot was actually useful. I think that alone is a perfect reason why you should be running inferno, but if you want to do normal for speed reasons, Vendel is literally by the entrance of level 2. The layout of level 2 with Vendel is always the same and looks something like this:
So when you enter level 2 and it doesn't look like that, TP and leave.
None of the random rare spawns (liquid rainbows, black mushroom, various other npc's) seem to spawn more often in inferno, but if you're up to that stage of the game already, it makes sense to run that difficulty so you'll find stuff of some use. Of course you could run into an impossible elite pack when you finally get that impossible spawn...
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My experience: I found him in my first few tries (first???) and completed the quest first time I found him. However I did not buy a Spirit Stone to complete "Take My Money" since he didn't have one. I'm still trying. I found the dungeon spawns 50% but Vendel only once in countless dozens of tries in that 50%. Watchtower always spawns directly west or slightly WNW from the waypoint. Resplendant chest on level 2 almost always. Imps are very common too. Both on any difficulty.
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Greetings, just thought i'd add my experience to this.

Found him level 2 of watch tower, did his little quest... book dropped...
Book didnt work for my achievement, neither did he for the other achievement of meeting him.
Guess that makes it 3 achievements im bugged on as i have lyceum missing even tho i was standing in it at the time i took a screenie.
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I've ran this 100 times probably by now and NOT ONCE have I found the Watch Tower in the Northern Highlands. Though, I have found the Watch Tower in the Southern Highlands and have not found Vendel in the Southern one.
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hi i have tried to find vendel the armorsmith for about 30-45min and i havent even found the tower yet.
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Nightmare difficulty only.

good luck.
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also, the tower was moved to Southern a few months back for whatever reason.
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