Diablo® III

My first legendary drop!!!

they reward veteran players with worthless legendaries to lure them in.

reward newbs with the pony staff to keep them playing.

reward newbs with nice legendaries to keep them playing more too!

took me over 100 hours to get my first, it was on the 2nd or third day of my inferno voyage.


my heart pretty much sank when i saw it... the way it should be. should take 100 hours to get a legendary!
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WHY Would they allow alot of legendary drops when all they have to do is sell them in the auction house ?? cant tell who is selling what ? how do i know its not a developer selling gear just to raise profits?
loooks fishym Ive gotten 1 drop in over 100 hours of play.
Its was only good use for 2 levels, then had to upgrade to continue.
But I guess i cant complain, at least i got 1 right?
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about 40 hours into the game I got a legendary pair of Gloves at level 36 that I sold for a whopping 45k.
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found one about 50 hours into the game, in hell. It was garbage. A couple of days later my friend found 2 in hour!
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I have had 1 legendary (really bad) drop in about 70 hours of game play. Level 15 bracers...
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i have had 2 legendary drops...one was a like a lvl20 something axe and had worse stats that a lower level rare sword i had equipped. and the other was a belt...again !@#$ty stats...probally 30+ hrs in game.
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My barbarian got my first and only Legendary around act 3 of Normal. Have other characters in Inferno that have never got any.
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About 60 hours of combined play time and 3 legendaries.

It's extremely exciting to watch them drop, but my characters quickly outgrow (or can't use) them. My lvl 50 wizard found a nice wizard's hat, though.
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A Pair of frostburns in act3 Normal here that is it
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I'm currently in (dead) Act 2 Inferno and have had 5 legendary items drop.

They've all been low level;

Starfire - Wizzy Wand lvl ~26
Devil's Tongue (?) - Some 30ish sword with DH mods on it
Leoric's Crown
and TWO Tasker and Theo - Gloves that break my heart a little every time they drop, really sweet of Blizzard to pay homage to them. (Beyond the heartbreak they're decent gloves for the level with increased attack speed and luck of the draw on the stats.)
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80 Hours on my barb, 50 hours on my WD, no legendaries.
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ouch... 130 hours and zero... ouch!
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i got one at about 20 hours in- in act 1 normal playing a wizard. Its a whisper something or other the wizard holds in the left hand
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Got my first about 130-140 hours in on Act 4 Inferno... was terrible so salvaged it
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I got The Witching Hour when I was about level 20, which was a huge upgrade for me (WD) and then I found a Fletcher's Pride and gave it to Kaivax. Nothing since. I'm worried I wasted all my good luck too early.
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first legendary at lvl 17 haha
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After 120+ Hours of gameplay i have yet to find a legendary or set item.
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I found a monk weapon in act 1 normal at level 14 or so. I've found two more since I hit 60, frosties and some underwhelming 1h sword. Both of the ones I found at 60 were when I was farming A3 hell for gold.
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I didn't get a legendary till act 2 nightmare... got the chaingmail and thornwood in act 2. then nothing till act 1 inferno on day... 4. i got a hellrack. shortly after same day i got a bul kathos wedding band the same day... and a 2nd hellrack, it was pretty insane. sold the hellrack for 12 mill.

i've since also got 2 pus spitters and i think that's been it.. i don't run heavy mf gear, bashiok must just love me.
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I have a 55 wiz and DH, neither one has gotten a legendary drop. My friend got one while we were playing, I think it was a head around level 45 or so. It was worthless and got vendored.
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