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Thanks for the info was wondering what happen till i read it out ^^
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Hey dudes, i got a problem here.I'm trying to download the patch and everything, but an error message keeps popping up on the screen : "DiabloIII\Updates\d3-0-9749-Win-final.MPQ appears to be corrupt.You may need to download this file again."

Has it ocurred to anyone else here?How can i solve this problem?
11:00 PDT, so I'm guessing that's 4:00am Eastern Australian time? Oh, by the way, posting from Melbourne here.
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05/29/2012 10:06 AMPosted by chaoswarrior
go outside and then try to get the license number of a speeding car. then report it to the police non-emergency number though.

haha very funny man. you came up to that idea. why wont you do it yourself?
05/29/2012 10:08 AMPosted by Sedivy
Normally, where it should be.

Which is where?

I said already that I found the link from user posts. I'm asking for the future where I can normally find the link for it. In wow, it's on the home page and off of service status forum but here it isn't linked hence the question.

I found it at the bottom of the Game Guide page. I was having that same problem.
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You know what would be awesome if Blizzard put servers are down on the launcher so people dont have to look at forums
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05/29/2012 10:10 AMPosted by Cridhe
if I live inn quebec, when the update will be finish? I am not good with timezone :)
Use Google. Read books. Stay in school.

Reeeeeeallly.... Don't see how that helps.

Hahaha Shouldn't it be, BELIEVE EVERYTHING you read off the internet, ESPECIALLY Wikipedia, Read books about Creationism. Stae inn skool.
Wait a minute then

So US servers are down being updated - but European and Asian aren't?

Have the European and Asian servers already been updated?

I ask this for one main reason really.

I fall into the category that a lot of other users here do. They have European battle.net accounts, but the downloader you "peddled to us" automatically from our accout pages was the US client (enUS) [by default, with a handy message about it being Multiregion so not to worry]

Now we cannot login as the version of the client we have differs from the server check (apparently performed against the US server, which is currently down - due to us having US clients).
Granted - Im repeating stuff other users have posted here, we all know the above. But what i want to know follows...

When the US server comes back up - what exactly is going to happen to us European users that have a different client version (the new patch rolled out on US servers)?

If European servers haven't been updated yet, then the login check is going to say we are good checking against our patch, but then we will be rejected from the Euro realm as our client will be higher than the servers version.

Can anyone actually clarify?
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you can find the server status link on the diablo 3 homepage, right under the home tab should be the words "Browse Diablo III", move your mouse over it and the subtabs should appear, the sub tab "Gameplay" contains more tabs and one of them is server status
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Took a day off to play, and I can't until 2pm my time.

Not very happy about that.

It Blizzard is going to make me be always online, then I expect them to provide uninterrupted service, and be available when I want to play.

I love D3, but paying for a game I can't play when I want to is bunk.

It can be done. Design your server infrastructure to facilitate updates and maintenance without downtime.

Oh shut the hell up, no one cares about your piddley !@# problems this is how it's always been done.

What a self entitled baby.

Ya gotta admit, reading that is kinda humorous.
I heartily agree, starting to get tired of the surprise of it not working... Reminds me of Hellgate: London.

Edit: Well, I don't want a refund, I just wanna play Diablo 3.
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05/29/2012 10:13 AMPosted by Cridhe
You can go take a walk for 47 minutes, then come try again.

Yeah, that's one option.
Thank you! :)
05/29/2012 09:32 AMPosted by Melianiana
OMG thank you Jurannok BUT did you realy need to lock the thread it was Funny as get up the amount of nerdrageing that was going on it was giveing me endless amounts of chuckles

Please change your avatar. You wow players try to act so intelligent, yet spelling is clearly not your forte.
Spelling mistakes really erk me. Especially from high and mighty wow types.
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I thought I was done with patch tuesdays when I quit playing WoW...
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you can find the server status link on the diablo 3 homepage, right under the home tab should be the words "Browse Diablo III", move your mouse over it and the subtabs should appear, the sub tab "Gameplay" contains more tabs and one of them is server status

Got it. Thanks so much.
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