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BUG: Frame Skipping / Camera Stutter


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Yep. Count me in. Smooth FPS, but lots of frame pops as I call them. It will scroll smooth and then BAM... it jumps and stutters and then smooth again. Repeat. Super annoying. Using Crossfire 6990M chips. I get 151FPS in the game, but it does not matter it still has the frame stutter,pop,skipping, etc.

Even tried the latest AMD 12.6 Beta driver with the latest 12.6 Beta CAP 1 that came out today which has the latest Diablo 3 profile. Nope. Still does it. Seems to me it's a game engine problem.
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Same issue here with my notebook. i7 2670QM, 8gb DDR3, ATI Radeon 6990M, SSD (game installed on). This 'microstuttering' has plagued me since beta....
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Removed comment.
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LiqMat... as stated in my post... this thread has nothing to do with asset loading. I just want this thread to stay on track. There are plenty of other threads for those issues.

This issue happens with no sounds playing... just running in a lap around town repeatedly, the skipping will never stop, even though all assets have long since been loaded.

Even in a zone with boatloads of spells going off, 4 player game, lots of mobs, etc.. my framerate is smooth as long as I stand still.

However, even in town with no mobs, no other players, and no npcs nearby, if I pan the screen by moving around, the stutter occurs every few seconds.

THAT is the only issue I want to bring to the devs attention, as it has been reported for six months, and still, nothing is being done about it. Yet, both of my PCs have this issue.

And the blue thread you linked has nothing to do with this so please remove it if you can. My machine maintains 300fps with vsync off, and it is NOT dropping to 30fps with vsync on. If that is the only problem bliz thinks can cause this stutter, then we have a serious problem here.
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this issue started for me today after playing fine for four hours. reboot, cache clearing etc same issues.
After playing this afternoon, I find myself getting more frustrated with this issue.

I had this stuttering on my old system which Bliz said would provide "high performance", so I purchased a brand new PC just for this game, and I get the exact same stuttering.

Playing act 3 today, everytime the screen panned, I was getting a stutter every 2 seconds. Just cant play like that. All my other games run flawlessly.

I will give Bliz a couple of weeks to address this issue... if not, I will be very disappointed, as I waited for D3 for years... but I am certain it will be the last game I ever purchase from them.

Very frustrated right now. Sure wish I at least knew they are aware of this specific issue or not, bur their communication on these issues is almost non existent.
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I am having the exact same issues. It only started when I hooked up my 120hz monitor and changed my settings to 120hz.
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Same issue. When I am moving around or when I try to cast a spell i experience the frame stutter. I went out to buy a new PC for $1800 just to play D3 and this is happening...

Intel i7-3820 3.6GHz
16.0 GB DDR5 Ram
AMD Radeon HD 7900 - 3GB
128GB Solid State Drive

My Ping is from 200-300 in any game and I am hardwired in so that is not the issue either.

This should not be happening. Blizzard please respond.
Same freaking problem here!
Either steady fps locked at focking 50!
Or screen tears every few seconds, annoying as hell.

And the weirdest thing is, sometimes in multiplayer game.
I try turn on vsync and set max foreground at 60.
And the game will run smoothly with fps locked at 60.
It only works a couple times. Just focking weird.
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There are now several threads on the EU forums regarding exactly this same issue, one more on Tom's Hardware, and a thread on the nVidia forums.

Blizzard, I took the time to post this in a clear and concise manner in your own bug report forums. I have already purchased a new PC just for this game, and it has the same issue as my old one. Set the game up on my neighbors PC, same issue. ALL other games run fine.

This issue has been reported for six months now...

Please at least have the courtesy of letting us know if you are aware of the issue, and whether or not it is being worked on.
Not sure if it helps but yes i have the exact same issue. I had it with my very overclocked 8800gts so I thought it was that. Then I upgraded to the 6850 and it is the same. basically wasted a ton of cash.

e6600 (3.6ghz)
4gb ram
7200rpm drive
Did a bit of testing with my wife's help...

Everytime it stuttered, I mentioned it out loud, while she watched the spinning FPS counter. It generally looks like 60fps but fluctuates very rapidly, and every few seconds, if the screen in panning, it hits triple digits for a split second.

Everytime I noticed stutter, she noticed the FPS counter his triple digits momentarily. Although sometimes it hit triple digits and I didnt notice a stutter...

If I try to set the frame limiter to 60, the counter stays at 50fps, and the spinning stops, but its horribly jerky because I need 60hz, not 50. I have to set the frame limiter to approximately 100 to get the counter to 60fps, but it goes back to spinning rapidly, with occasional jumps to triple digits.

I get the feeling this is all falling on deaf ears, but its possible someone from Bliz who actually cares, may find this post someday and fix it.

Interesting thread regarding the fluctuating FPS:
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a lot of great posts in this thread

google "diablo 3 stutter" and find a ton of threads on this

please fix this blizzard

by the way: you can stop the triple digit jump by turning on full-screen windowed mode in video options

it will stick @ 60 (with vsync on and a 60hz monitor) and not jump higher, and the whole slot-machine number thing will stop. it will just be a solid 60 and will go below and back to 60 as a normal fps counter would

but it will still stutter. although i think it's stuttering less after i changed this setting. may be placebo though.
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Cutting and pasting from a thread I started a couple days ago that's not as popular as this one:

Here's what I've found out about the stuttering problems. First, and most importantly, is that the stuttering problem is actually two different stuttering problems. The first is the "inaccurate vsync" stutter that is the cause of the regular hiccups regardless of what's going on in-game. It's more noticeable when the screen is scrolling. It's also the reason the fps counter will occasionally spin up to a higher fps and it causes a shuddering effect. The second is the "asset loading" stutter that is caused by, imo, lackluster threading/multicore support when loading assets off the hard drive/net. Even simple things like dialogue lines, are causing stutters. The more stuff that gets loaded off the hard drive and net, the bigger the stutter and that is especially annoying in larger fights.

Now, the "Inaccurate vsync" stutter is something I'm familiar with as an AMD HTPC user. There are just certain combinations of directx, aero, fullscreen exclusive vs. fullscreen windowed (nonexclusive), and amd's vsync that just don't work right. What I found most successful in getting a smooth vsync with my HTPC player (MPC Home Cinema) was leaving aero on and using fullscreen nonexclusive mode. Exactly the same is true for Diablo. The only way to fix the vsync stutter is to leave Aero on and play Diablo in fullscreen windowed mode with the frame rate limiter off. This is definitely AMD specific and may or may not apply to NVidia users as well (but I suspect it might). Aero provides its own vsync routine and it is very good.

It's a shame really, I think this vysnc stutter could have been avoided if Blizzard had just included its own custom accurate vsync routine (like pretty much everyone else) instead of the lackluster generic one provided by the graphics card. But they didn't and that's why you get stutters in fullscreen exclusive mode.

As for the second issue, I have not managed to resolve it myself yet, but I imagine, as many others have mentioned, that a RAMDISK is ultimately the best option. I do not have enough RAM myself to do this. The 2nd best option would be to install an internal SSD card, which I don't have either. Other peopled have suggested 16GB+ USB drives, but there is a decent amount of overhead with USB so I am doubtful of that. The one thing that can help everyone else though, is to make sure to defragment your hard drive after every Diablo update. If you have a more sophisticated defrag program that can prioritize folders into the fastest spot on the hard drive, all the better.
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Iamking: Tried full screen windowed mode, but didnt help. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Mykillk: Thanks... I read that post too, and you seem to understand the issue well, however those suggestions did not work on either of my PCs.

I have spent a couple dozen hours trying to fix this... and thats probably underestimating the time I have spent desperately trying everything. I wish Bliz would at least pitch in and let us know if they are aware of this specific issue.
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I added an extra important bit from my original post, and that's to turn the frame rate limiter off. Just so you know.

What GPUs on those two PCs?

The only other thing I've done of note is to launch Diablo with affinity limited to cores 0 and 2 (quad-core CPU).

Hope that helps.
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Waitin' on the blue post....

Guess I'll be waitin'.
My PC specs are in my original post... so far I have installed Diablo on 3 PCs and had the same camera stuttering on all of them. its a problem that only Blizzard can fix... ALL of my other games run smoothly on both of my PCs.
Waiting for blue post.
bumping this till we get an answer from blues.
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