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BUG: Frame Skipping / Camera Stutter


Bah hope you're around some more when im online Grays; farming hc inferno's a bit scary alone atm when nobody is around lol =p

And technoviking, yeah, I can believe that, after looking at your post history. I know this post needs to stay visible to ensure that this gets the attention it needs, but I'm not out to slap it constantly to make sure it stays on the first page. I leave that job to the hundreds of people who see bliz posts and use them to vent their angst without caring at all what the subject is about or that they might be hurting the subject by posting completely unrelated issues in it.
Hi Ripshaft,

I was hoping we could do some HC inferno runs, but damn this stutter makes me want to just go play other games, so I haven't been on lately... but hopefully they fix it soon so we can all go back to playing regularly again.

This stutter issue has been a big thorn in my side, but on a positive note, at least I made a few new friends through this thread. Gotta look at the bright side, I guess!

Aw. Well on some level I understand. Also I just realized I forgot to mention two fairly important things.

First off, some time ago during closed beta I met a guy at a party at my place who happened to be in the d3 beta, he offered to install it on my machine and play on his account so i could see it, and I ofc was like "F@#$ YEAH!". Now this was on my old computer, which I made like 6 years ago. It ran like !@# on the lowest settings, with notable slowdowns at expected times... but what it did not have, was stutter, it was not there. I made special note of how smooth it was when it was not lagging due to stuff actually happening, and was absolutely amazed it ran at all on that system.

Within a week I had assembled my current computer expressly for the purpose of playing diablo 3 at max or near max smoothly... I noticed the stutter in the open beta weekend, but figured it would be addressed when it went live. I know the WoW client had a massive number of performance issues on the last day of beta, which was i think less than a week before release, and all of them were squashed by launch and it ran like a dream for me, so i expected the same here... obviously that didnt happen, no point dwelling anymore on that one.

However I'd also like to tell a little story that not many people know about. In these days, when so many people are badmouthing bliz, people have started looking around for another company to hold in the unreachbly high way they held bliz, many are realizing that valve seems to be one of these candidates.

So what's this got to do with anything? Well long before this stutter issue, there was another, arguably much worse stutter issue in my life, that did utterly ruin my game experience and made me stop playing a game I absolutely loved and was deeply involved in. My old computer, the one that could barely run d3, was pretty damn powerful at one point. One of the games it ran flawlessly, and that I really, really enjoyed, was Team Fortress 2. It ran absolutely flawlessly, I was so amazed at how flawlessly it ran, you couldn't get it to lag no matter what happened in the game, and that was amazing, usually there was some kind of particle overload that would bring most engines to a halt... but not this one, it ran great!

Buuuut then the updates started... it happened very slowly, but over time the performance of the game was chip chip chipped away, until it ran "maybe passibly" on my system, which had previously ran it so flawlessly it hurt (in a good way). But still I was so involved in the game and it's community and loved it so much, it didnt really throw me off. But one day, something weird happened, I noticed something.. a stutter. I spent months troubleshooting, changed hardware, nothing worked. I quickly found out I was also not alone, thousands of people had reported syptoms like mine, and none of them had found any solution (most of them ended up buying a new computer, however many of them still had this problem on the new computer!). I even found a support group that had thousands of members who had come together in an effort to specifically identify and bring this problem to valve's attention. This was loooong before tf2's free to play release, so every one of these people had paid for the game.

I eventually stopped playing, it made the game so incredibly frustrating and unfun to play. Even after I stopped, i would check periodically for updates on this issue, years passed, and this issue was not resolved, as far as I know it was never even properly awknowledged by valve. I just did a quick search about the issue, and it seems clear that people are STILL having this problem.

So basically just trying to say... I can understand not wanting to play because of something like this, but this is nowhere near as bad as what I experienced in TF2 (which I am now playing again as my new computer does not have this issue). Also for the many people who are looking poorly on blizzard's lack of response for "so long", I dont like it as a gamer, but I understand it as an engineer, and also can respect as both an engineer and gamer that they have actually responded so quickly.
Wow it's nice to see that this issues is being acknowledged now. I complained about this issue during the beta and posted info on several threads and it was treated like it was assets loading or lag related and we needed to set up our router different blah blah blah. I gave up on it ever being fixed and just figured I would have to get used to it.

FYI as a previous poster mentioned I also notice the FPS counter going nuts when V sync is on. Holding 60 most of the time but always looking like it's cycling numbers really fast. I actually thought this was part of the problem during beta and there was a thread saying to turn off v sync in the game and use the Nvidia control panel to do it instead. This didn't help and possibly made it worse.

Same exact issue as OP.

My specs
i5 2500k
Nvidia 560Ti
16 gigs ram
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Hi there,

just to let you know - i've been reading this thread for a bit now and I am having exactly the problems as you guys do.

I don't know, if this helps me or you in any way, as I'm German, but there's no such thread in European forums.

I've tried several things, I was even wondering, if a new graphics card could help, but as I kept reading, I started to realize, this might not solve anything, as the game is not even lagging, infact it's running smoothly at 60 FPS.
I just wanted to adress, that I'm another person having problems, because the thread began to be a bit quiet, and I'm really hoping, that there will be a solution soon.
Hi Kichilron,

Thanks for posting... welcome to the Stutter Club! ;)

There are actually a few posts about this on the EU forums. Most of them are not very focused, so there are a lot of unrelated replies watering down the issue, but I did link to one of them in my original post if you are interested.

Hopefully this thread stays on the first couple of pages. If it goes quiet, this issue will be a low priority, but with enough people wanting this fixed, and if it stays on page 1 or 2 it will certainly help keep this issue top-of-mind.

Besides, if I were Bliz, I would be embarassed to see a thread like this at the top of "Bug Reports", for months and months...

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I thought about what to write other than bump, came up with nothing. Shameless bump.
I believe i have the same issue. I have a GTX260. One thing i have noticed on my system-there are times when i can't click on an item-whether it be a chest, a person, whatever. A couple of full seconds will go by and then the screen will 'jump' me back to where i was standing a couple of seconds ago. I do get this exact same stutter as well, just not all the time. I was just wondering if you or anyone else have ever had the issue with being jumped backwards at seemingly random times. Its never during a fight-just when i'm running around.
Yea I am with ya Graysdir, I haven't played much either lately just cause of the weird eye strain that watching the stutter for a couple hours gives me. Then there's the totally separate issues that plague me (rubberbanding etc). I do love this game and cant wait to play it in it's intended form, but for now I am having a lot more fun finding pepsi cans in DayZ. And as numerous as the bugs are in that game (still alpha stage), I somehow find it more tolerable.

Let us know when you have something for us Blue's, until then, here's to hoping the SC2 expansion release is much less of a Charlie Foxtrot.
[...]but for now I am having a lot more fun finding pepsi cans in DayZ. And as numerous as the bugs are in that game (still alpha stage), I somehow find it more tolerable.


Exactly. I've given up playing Diablo III for now, even though it has been quite a bit money for me.
But DayZ is just MUCH more fun, even with the bugs.
I have this as well. Hope this will get fixed soon. Very anoying!
How is it that this has still YET to be fixed? I saw the blue posts in this forum from over a month and a half ago and I am still getting the same problems. Has anyone come up with a definitive answer as to why this is happening? My machine should have no issues with this. It's kind of sad really that 2 months and a 29 page thread has yet to be resolved.

i7 - 2630qm
hd 6650m
32mb/s connection
6g Ram

I have the same issue. I've noticed it as an evironment bug. To reproduce I sometimes move to areas where I can't go. For example moving towards a tree in the way. Before I get there, the screen will focus somewhere else and then will focus back on the character.
WindowsLinux... your issue has nothing to do with what I have described in the original post. (Watch the youtube videos if you need an example)

Please folks, read the original post before hitting reply! Thanks.
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same thing here
I almost forgot I owned this game it's been so long since this is unresolved.
Can't believe this isn't fixed. W-T-F Blizzard. Gobsmacked.


Take a look... if you can be bothered to skim 101 pages.
Starting to wonder whether this will be fixed before I stop playing the game...
It would be great if a fix makes it into 1.0.4.
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Can't believe this isn't fixed. W-T-F Blizzard. Gobsmacked.


Take a look... if you can be bothered to skim 101 pages.

That post has hundreds of pages because it never defined any issue that it's dealing with. It's basically a thread on "Diablo has performance issues!". You can expect every blindly upset person to post there but you cannot expect all performance issues to get resolved based on that mess of a thread. This thread clearly defines the issue and we do what we can to keep it on topic, as such, we have gotten feedback from blizzard because they *know what to give feedback on*.

Mistifiers from act 2 (invisible snakes) force SSAO shadow filtering dropping the fps when they show up from out of the invisible state...

That's good to know, but it's unrelated to this topic.
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