Diablo® III

Stuck at "Retrieving Hero List..."


ive never had this problem ever.. now after new update it wont load the hero list ever i waited an hour and a half still not working plez help soon i have a clan and i play constantly. i have a lvl 51 wiz with over 60hours of game play and 5 other characters lvl 15 and they have alot of my time. spent. plez help soon blizzard u haven't let me down with d2 or d3 but don't change it now.:/
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I guess I'll go take down my missing heroes fliers now

"What a bunch of angry children... a game is up 95% of the time and you cry for that 5% like your life depended on it."

95% of people wouldnt be complaining if D3 simply offered offline single play.

Ohh...right, its online so we can have an auction house thats not working 95% of the time.
Or was it online so items could not be duplicated? Solved that with massive farming flooding the AH for the 5% of the time its running.

Can't wait for PVP weekly updates and downtime for class tweaks that change the game to accomodate pvp'ers.

Thanks for looking into it.

Yall bring the servers down for maintence and patching then stuff breaks as soon as you put them back up. I feel sorry for you guys. Damn if you do and damned if you dont, am i right?
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everyone make there own thread that will show them lawl
Yes please fix it... while you're at it throw some gold our way!
Blizzard, can you fix your servers? Or shall we call Microsoft engineers to come to the rescue?
I guess they couldn't stand all the people flaming them for messing up the first thing you do when you login. Would be nice if we didn't have to beta test patches for you.
05/29/2012 02:52 PMPosted by Sionape
LMAO Please get it working or else your have a HUGE Angry Mob Problem

Horde/Internet Enchanted/Fast/Invulnerable Minions Mob to be exact.
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I can give you more money, just do the job properly!
Worst execution in the history of online gaming. You guys deserve an award! So yes you brain dead reposting zombies keep saying thank you!
Fix this, now.
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You had 8hrs + 30mins to fix this.. No excuses
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05/29/2012 02:53 PMPosted by TheSkunk
People could play their game if there was an offline mode. Like Starcraft.

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How about this: Can we have an offline play option? Like, pretty please? I have not nor will I ever open my games up to the public, nor will I ever join a public game. Screw this "login" BS...I'd like to go back to solo leveling my monk, thanks ever so.
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All i can say is that I'm glad diablo isn't subscription based.
Give them a break, there is no game across the globe that doesn't have its own issues. NOT every single client that plays is the same, or will have the same results. Blizz did a fantastic job on this game, back the hell off.
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