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Diablo 3 graphics/lag FIX!!! edit config inst

Hi . i have lag problems from 1.06 patch . But hey looks like my Pc is not the problem ;)

Athlon Xp overclocked 3700mhz ,4Gb ram DDr2 ,Nvidia GTX 275( the best Gcard !) overclocked, Windows Xp home edt. with WiMax connection 20MBit .

My problem is not about textures or whatever about the graphic but the because i alway run the game at lower settings for perfomace, infact i'm playing with 170-200Fps but i have latency of 300ms wich is frustrating for me i cannot play like this and MP5 now result in a brick wall ;S
i tried to play in different hours because im EU and i play in US but the problem was not solved ..

I ask u people, more skilled in such technical problems if u have any wolkthorugh to fix my lag , Reply this post
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sorry for my bad english i cannot be skilled in everything :(((
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I own a Mac notebook air, I can run wow really good and the graphics are amazing, but just installed d3 and I've got huge lag and not to good graphics. Can anyone help me its my first time using these forms thanks
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someone can help me? :( here my problem:


soz for my bad english :/
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you tried too put screen too 1360x8**? mine goes too 1200 x600 but look terrible so gotta put it up
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im using alienware m14xr2 and after i update my nvidia gt650m last april until now.. my d3 and sc2 is lagging.. i thought something wrong with my network so i upgrade my 2mbps to 10mbps, but is still lag. what i do next is check my laptop (i update everythin,clean everything, etc.) but same result game lag everytime i cast the spell, so what i do next is, i uninstall the update of my nvidia and one by one i try all the update for my video card.. start form update 320.22 until i reach update 310.90 update last year and lucky.. lag fix on this update.. im using now 310.70 update last dec. 2012.
its work for me lag fix,, runnin smoothly baby..

sorry for my bad english..
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I've been complaining about this choppy lag for awhile, and your tip fixed everything thank you soooo much! Great fps, great latency, but whenever I moved it would just be choppy for some reason, rendering it unplayable for me.

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I have to thank WRAIN, the game is back to how it used to be. Before it was completely unplayable.

6fps , stuttered around town. Now its a steady 50 fps, and doesn't miss a beat.

GTX 560 Ti

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gonna test this, thanks for the tips.
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Update - Fps stuttering returned. When playing multiplayer. I will keep looking .. for a fix
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yah it seems to help
also http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5642269402 helped me a lot with the stuttering
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Sad to say for me nothing changed
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Haven't tested yet playing with others but playing solo has helped thanks man!!! I'm running Phnom 2 x4 965 of 4.3 CPU with radeon 6870 graphics card
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I wonder if we will ever get a "blue" answer..

Didn't work for me, as well as the usb stick flash trick. If this won't get fixed, I doubt I will buy the expansion, since i can't really play with this fluctuations between 55 and 10 fps

NVIDIA Quadro FX1600M
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Totally worked! I have an AMD HD Radeon 7850. I changed my hardware class to 4 to make mine run smoothly but nevertheless, it's all fixed. Thank you so much.
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hi im using vista ultimate sp2 i cant find the config file ive found the diablo 3 file but cant find the config file help would be appreciated :).
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it helped me, now i have higher fps,usually was around 18-20,now its around 28-32, even tho i changed only "DisableTrilinearFiltering" to “1”
gpu: Nvidia Quadro FX1800
thx :)
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thanks less freezes/lag for me !
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+1 to this.. worked flawlessly!
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