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Act 2 Inferno DH build help

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Here's my current build:


Screenshot of stats:


I can run through all other difficulties without a single problem and have been farming act 1 inferno without many issues either. However, as soon as I got to act 2, mass problems arose. I think my DPS and health is more than enough to finish this act so I must change my skills or gameplay tactics a bit.

What has worked for you guys? Lacuni Mistresses (or whatever they're called) are always 1-2 shotting me with either their leap or mortar attacks. I need to find a way to avoid this.

I haven't used SS at all yet, would it be a good idea to switch one of my skills out for it? If yes, then what skill? Caltrops or bat companion. I was leaning towards bat companion since you can pair up SS with the +6 hatred regen rune.

All other suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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Swap caltrops or rain of vengeance for smoke screen with the increased duration.

I also recommend swapping your prep rune for either the 30% chance of no cooldown, or +10 discipline on use (basically gives you an extra smoke screen when you use prep).

I recommend getting a cold damage weapon as this will apply a 60% move speed slow to hungering arrow and nether tentacles.

6+ hatred rune on ss is useless as it only gives you 6 hatred (since duragtion is 1 second). Avoid like the plague.

You need to get used to the fact that 95% of stuff will 1 shot you. That is not because your gear is bad, it's because that's the way the demon hunter works at the moment. You must kite like you've never kited before. You should be stutter stepping after nearly every fire of your bow. Demon hunter must not get hit at all in act 2/3 or you will die.

To defeat mortar you need to stutter step after every shot, then the mortar will never hit you. If anything get's into melee range use smoke screen and kite. Smoke screen is the key to not dying.

Here is the build I used for act 2:


In this build, caltrops and tactical advantage are basically "free slots", you can put whatever you want there. I feel that everythigng else is optimal, and I would not recommend changing them.

Also, get a quiver and chest piece with +max discipline so you can use smoke screen more. Make sure you have +12% move speed on your boots for kiting. You can get +7% move speed on legendary bracers lacuni prowler's for about 1 million.
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