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New to demon hunter

Greetings guys

So basically, throughout every RPG I've played, I've always been the warrior type, and it's what I'm used to. I have a level 40 Barb and I'm having no problems running through the game, but I'm having trouble getting a grip on the demon hunter. I'm at level 17 and act 2 is pretty hard for me lol.

I was just wondering what essential tips you guys might have for playing this class. I'm not that great at kiting, is that the essential skill to being a good demon hunter? What stats are priority in terms of dex/vit/attack speed/ or others? Should I be using dual weapons or (x)bow and quiver?

Any and all input would be considered and appreciated.
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At low levels such as where you are, Vit isn't important, Dex Dex Dex, magic find will help you gear up if you didn't hold gear drops that you seen on your Barb as you were leveling him for your DH.


Kiting isn't super critical on normal, when you get to nightmare and above, if you can't kite, you might as well stop leveling a DH.

As of right now, make sure if you aren't playing grouped you are using a Templar, If you see that you are taking too much damage, Smoke Screen, and distance yourself, by manually moving or using a fast reaction ability like Vault.
Since you are distances you might want to hit another quick Smoke Screen(SS) to drop aggro, and they'll fall to your Templar or group members.

This can be expensive on your resources, I'd suggest, instead of 2 SS's, use caltrops with the stun rune, even if you aren't in too much trouble have it down at your feet, so as soon as a mob runs at you, he'll get stunned for 2 2nds, and you move immediately, in either way u'd like and hit your SS just that one time to drop aggro, or if you got the balls since he'll be slowed you can try and burn him down before he reaches you again.
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Don't worry to much you will get the hang of it, just make sure you stay mobile and don't get surrounded. I would recomend you use elective mode if your not already and use caltraps and spike traps.

It would be easier to help ya out if you post your current build, at lvl 17 your kind of limited to what you can do, but once you get to the mid 20's it gets better and actually becomes easier to kite thanks to skills like elemental arrow's frost arrow and the stun rune for caltraps, I prefer the skull rune in nightmare though since every pack of elites seem to always have the fast trait with waller and mortor ;-(
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Gotta get used to kiting then. Good to know. It seems like demon hunter is the type of class that pays off tremendously at higher levels and with good kiting skills.
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Right now I'm using:

Evasive fire - no rune yet

Impale - chemical burn

Caltrops - Hooked spines

Shadow power - no rune yet

Preparation - no rune yet
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Oh, and tactical advantage.
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