Diablo® III

why would you use SS and shadow power?

in the same build?

i see a lot of people posting builds with both these skills, what is the point?

they both eat up the same resource, only one is way more useful than the other, i'll give you a hint as to which one it is.....its SS
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1. Because SS isn't always-on anymore, so there are gaps in time where you can't be SSed. Also, SP currently lasts twice as long.

2. Against damage reflect mobs. Also, you can heal a bit off of it if you're in no immediate danger, just pop SP and spam a few shots.
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Reflect dmg mobs mainly, cycle SS, SP, SS, SP if you are tired of kiting. If I'm more in a constant kite mood solo just SS, if I'm grouping and not kiting a lot due to party makeup SS+SP at times. Really just depends, I like to change it up.
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05/31/2012 11:01 AMPosted by RollOut
I like to change it up.

this, im not saying SP is bad, and can be nice as a change of pace, i just dont see the point in using similar situation skills, considering how limited our skill bar is.

its the same as people who use elemental arrow and rapid fire together, or chakrams and rapid fire, or you get the point...
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this would only make sense if you have a separate container for your bread, and for your butter.

but in this analogy, what ends up happening, is you take out your butter, only to realize you've run out of bread.
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Shadow power is generally going to be more useful post-nerf, esp with Gloom. (Mortar mobs come to mind here, and reflects) However, SS is still a get-out-of-jail-free card, as it can clear CCs, and the like. It's also good for repositioning.

That said, Gloom Power isn't going to help as much if you're getting one-shot anyway. It's a matter of preference.

I can't imagine not using SS though, it's saved my bacon far too many times.
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