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Dexterity and weapon DPS

hey guys, just a quick question if someone can answer this for me.

So which type of weapon is superior? a bow with lower DPS (ex. 870 DPS) but with higher dexterity (250 dex)
or a bow with higher DPS (1200 DPS) but lower dexterity (90 dex) ?

fyi, those numbers are just random numbers i made up. i just want to know the difference between how DPS and dexterity adds to damage. thanks
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probably the higher dps one, although the one with the dex will be boosting your dodge rate

I've found that boosting your damage seems to trump dex boosts, although that may be because of my preference for high AS weapons
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If you found a 1200 dps bow, I don't care if it has no stats on it, it'll be better than the 850 dps bow.
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IIRC 1 dex = 1% damage

so weapon 1 = 870*2.5 = 2175
weapon 2 = 1200*1.9 = 2280
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i thought the dex dmg modifier was already calculated into the "big" DPS number by the item name
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The higher DPS weapon will be king. Dexterity adds 1% extra damage per point of dexterity. So the higher the DPS on your weapon, the more Dexterity will influence it. If at all possible though you really should get a weapon with both DPS & Dex. My wep is only 650 dps but has 200 dexterity on it.
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1200 dps for sure.

The 870 dps bow would be good on your Scoundrel, but Dex affects all damage modifiers by 1% for each Dex.

The reason why you want the 1200 dps bow instead of the 870 dps bow is because...

You probably have around 1000-1500 dex. We'll assume you have 1000 dex.

You now do 10x your dps on the bow. For the 1200 dps bow you'll do 12000 damage. For the 870 dps bow you'll do 8700 damage. This is before dex, of course.

Now we factor in the dex.

WIth the 1200 dps bow, you'll have 1090 dex. We'll round for simplicity and say it's 1100 dex.

You now do 1100% * 1200 = 13200 damage.

With the 870 dps bow, you'll have 1250 dex. We'll round for simplicity and say it's 900 dps.

You now do 1250% * 900 = 11250 damage.

All other modifiers will act the same to both, so they can be ignored. The only time you'll want the higher dex bow is if you have next to no dex in gear and only Attack Speed/Dex/etc.
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ahhhh. did not know that. thanks for the info
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thanks for the info guys,

so what if the 2 weapons are comparable in DPS, lets say:

A) 1300 DPS - 150 dex
B) 1200 DPS - 215 dex

would weapon A. still be superior to B?
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doing the math, weapon A would still be better, but not by alot.
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