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Best possible graphics for Diablo III?

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Here's my setup:

- i7 930 bloomfield 2.8ghz processor
- Gigabyte X58A-UD3R motherboard
- WD Black 7200rpm 640gb (2) hard drives (raid 0)
- OCZ GameXStream 850w power supply
- Gigabyte GTX460 1gb ram video card
- OCZ Gold DD3 6GB ram

Everything has upgraded air cooling, upgraded thermal paste, good flowing case. I have yet to overclock anything. This setup has run Diablo III without the slightest hiccup. In the future I'm going to add liquid cooling, overclock the cpu/ram/gpu, upgrade to 2x SLi, 12gb ram and a SSD drive for the OS and core files/most used files.

For those of you with high end nvidia setups what have you done for the in-game settings and nvidia control panel to tweak the game and make it the best it can be?

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I currently have 2x 680s running in SLI on Nvidia Surround. I might buy an IR emitter and go 3d soon.

On max settings in Fullscreen(windowed) mode at full resolution I get about max FPS. I wish I could run it in fullscreen for better gameplay but blizz hasn't added multiple screen support just yet. I only notice slight hangs with huge groups in open areas with 4 people in the game (I'm using about 40% gpu power in dungeons and 70% gpu power when outside). Have only played with the fan settings on MSI afterburner, they run about 70°c and idle at 40° and 30° (top and bottom card). Fan speed is at about 70% at full load.

All of my settings are for quality on the nvidia control panel. I honestly haven't played with them much besides adjusting the nvidia surround and adding bezel correction (which for some reason doesn't seem to be working in d3).

3 x BenQ XL2420T. Core i5 3750k. intel 510ssd. DDR3 Gskill 16gb ram. Seasonic X850

SSD are awesome for loading windows and games. I will never go back to spinning hard drives (even raided 10ks).
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