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Open letter to Dev team concerning Hell+ Loot

I don't think you people are understanding what the OP is saying. He's not complaining about how hard the mobs are. It's that you spend time and effort to kill a mob as a 60, just to get a damn ilvl 50 item. I love Diablo and the randomness of it, but really... I've been farming Hell and it's turned into mostly farming gold for the AH for inferno gear.

It's like you have to farm inferno to be able to do inferno.
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Yeah I think the reward to risk is a bit off on these. They're harder than act bosses it seems even lol...
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Those champion/elite packs die pretty fast when I use a good single target ability don't have too much of a problem as a demon hunter in hell. Especially after I got some extra life and tripled my dps from when I left nightmare.
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OP, this isn't WoW, harder bosses don't mean better loot, harder bosses mean...harder bosses. If you want a kiddie game, play on normal or go back to WoW, and yes, I do play WoW.
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I don't think harder enemies should guarantee better loot. i like the randomness. Just play the game.
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i dont understand how champions can be stronger than the bosses. i nearly never die while fightin a boss and i die 10-20 times to kill the camps with their minors. that seems pretty strange and hell is not dificult, the only dificulty create the champs. some people said that u have to farm to be able to kill the monsters in the greater dificulty, but i have been farming for 15 hours and didnt get a singel item that is better i already equip. i play as monk lvl 59 and do only 3k dps, because i do not find any good items and i cant buy anything because i have to repair the gear, cause the champs kill me in 2 sec when they are all together. when they are seperatet i can survive and kill them with my 30k hp. surely as a long range class like demon hunter u do not have such great problems with killing the champs and its also easier to run away for you, but as a meele class like monk and barbarian, who should be a little like tanks, are killed in 2 sec.
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