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Lvl 37 DH Build Help

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Suppression - Lvl 37 DH
7360 HP
530 DPS

STR 321
DEX 458
INT 291
VIT 598


19% Dodge
34% Dam Reduction
29% All Resists

1.7% Life Steal
65+ Life per kill
10+ Life per hit

Rare 1h Xbow @ 64.8 DPS socketed with Pef Emerald for 25% extra crit, +1.7% Stun on Hit, 1.6 AS with blue Quiver +dex/+vit/+10 IAS/+xp per kill

Hatred Gen: HA with Scatter
Single TGT Hatred Burn: Impale Runed with Impact
Crowd CTRL Hatred Burn: Multi Runed with Fire at Will for hatred reduction cost
Disc Burns:
Smoke Screen with Breath Deep for 6 Hatred Per Sec
Vault with Tumble for reduced cost
Companion Runed with Bat for Hatred Gen

Steady Aim - 20% dam boost as long as I can keep range
Perfectionist - Reduced Discipline cost for SS and Vault
Archery - Enhanced Crit for my 1h Xbow.

I seem to have turned myself into a turret. I just stand in a pile of mobs and blast away. I usually pop Smoke Screen at the start to focus mobs on my Templar. If I run into a boss pack or a pack of rares, I will vault/ss.

I open with multi 'til I either burn the pack down or need to Vault or SS. Most packs die in 3-5 Multis. Elites become a kiting game until I run out of disc, and I end-up potting about 50% of the time.

I was using Evasive Fire with Covering fire, but found myself burning my Disc way too fast when a couple of mobs got up close while I was focusing on the stuff clustered around my Templar. Further, with Covering Fire, stuff just gets too close and it's less than worthless on rares, elites and bosses.

I loved Bola thru Normal. Now, it just seems like waiting for that 1 sec to tic off is getting me swarmed.

I was also using Elemental Arrow with Frost early on, but the freeze duration sucks and I don't feel like I am getting good single target DPS out of it for rares, elites and bosses. On the plus side, for regular packs, I could spam it all day long. It just didn't feel like a good hatred burn DPS-wise as I was killing the mobs just as fast with HA.

I want to like Chakram, but I feel like it misses WAY to much stuff compared to Multi.

Cluster Arrow felt like too much of a Hatred Burn for what it delivered. Grenades left me underwhelmed.

I must suck at kiting because Caltrops has been worthless for me. Spike trap was alright, but a HUGE hatred cost. Runing it for the sticky +400% dam boost was nice, but worthless for anything but normal mobs as I can't kill rares, elites or bosses fast enough to make use of it.

I have huge survivability, but I am not plowing through mobs like I feel I should be. All of my gear has +Vit and + Dex in addition to either +Str or +Int, and gemmed with +Dex or + Vit. It's all stuff I have found or crafted, save my Xbow with I bought for the paltry sum of 10K G on the AH. It was literally the ONLY one with a B/O below 100k. Prior to that, I was running DW Rare 1hXbows at about 40 DPS ea, both gemmed for crit.

What are some recommendations for bumping my deeps while maintaining my survivability? I know I need to pump in some more +dam modifiers, but I haven't found any decent gear that does't sacrifice +Dex or +Vit. I am open to swapping out skills, but I'd like some feedback. I see all kinds of positive stuff about Chakram, but I just can't make it feel right. I'm not particularly attached to my passives either, I just haven't noticed a difference swapping them around.

Thanks and sorry in advance for the TL;DR.
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I would say make sure all your gear has at least Dex and Vitality,

Rings, Amulets, and your weapon are items at least that I know of that you should prioritize damage modifiers .

Go to auction house learn to use the search function and prioritize finding those stats.

I normally cycle through new gear every 3-5 levels.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Posts: 204
Everything has Dex and Vit. Swapped out the crit in my Xbow for a ruby +10-20 Dam.

I have searched the AH nine ways to Sunday. I am pretty familiar with it, but I can never find anything that doesn't have a ridiculous B/O on it and I have poured through 40+ pages each time I search for gear.

Swapped out to Bola with Rolling Thunder to keep a stun chance and am Running Chakram with Dual now. I guess I just didn't play with it long enough to get the targeting down. Still feels like I am lacking, DPS-wise though.
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