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So how are Demon Hunters in Hell/Inferno?

I keep hearing people say stay away from Demon Hunters they arent capable of really doing well in the higher difficulties. Is this true?
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people are saying that of all of the classes. you can't go by that

wd solo skeleton king inferno


wizard solo skeleton king inferno


barbian solo skeleton king inferno


you can find a lot of these for all of the classes but i'm getitng bored now so it's on you
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Get the Jagged Spikes caltrops glyph and you're golden.
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I'm at the last boss of Act 1 inferno, and almost everything one shots me. I can't tell whether I am gearing too greedily or not, but I feel like I am made of paper. I am at 14.5k dps and 24k hp. From what I see in groups I'm in, every other class can shrug off hits to an extent while if I don't get out of the way of attacks I just die. The class is fun, and if I could pick again I would still pick DH, but it is tough.
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I think im not that bad equiped lvl 55 8k dps 29k hp, but i think like Kaw im made of paper. If i had 8k hp it wouldnt really made a difference. Currently im stuck at Belial in Hell. One mistake im dead of poison and if he hits me with his claw im at half hp. Nevermind as DH u can avoid attacks pretty nice and i can easily solo all other bosses. Try to dodge everything and u are k ^^ i played with some other classes but they get wiped too even if they call themselves "tank".
this game is just very very hard. go ah buy the really nice stuff :D dont bother with the 100k + stuff wait for sales. some guys there are braindead with their prices.

tonight ill try kick belials !@# again. currently im at like 25 0 for Belial :D this guy is just insane.
he wiped me in normal and nightmare too.. so i just try to pass him somehow.

tip btw to plvl urself a bit ^^ pick quest act 2 part 8.3 only boss fight 100k exp per run with the quest 3-4min

gl guys
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not sure about inferno.. but hell is pretty easy as demon hunter, I mean sure sometimes you get hit for a lot but it's very do-able
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Belial soloing is a pain with DH, especially when you are lacking in vit.

i kind of messed up on gear, i mostly geared my DH up by looking at dex and whichever have the higher dex piece i took it. i do decent dmg but i am paper. you can get hit 2 or 3 times. even though supposely as a DH you are not suppose to get hit, but with some groups they just runs really fast, or they charge, or they pull you to them, or they toss out ice crystal to freeze you or spinning laser beam next to you, or tossing 5 bombs each from a squad of 5 mobs....

basically you do have to constantly moving and dodge !@#$ to survive as a DH not like barb or monk just stand toe to toe and hit to get life back...

we can kill %^-*, but you just need to kite ALOT and get out of the way of any projective at you.
especially those slow moving poison bees in a line at you in the desert....those hurt...
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when you get a pack of minions that can cast invulnerable shield when they are just normal minions, it take a while to take them down in hell. especially all you can do is slow them down with a trap and run and fire and trap again....
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