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Zombie Dogs total crap.

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I've been trying, really trying, I'm in hell now and level 54, so I finally got leaching beasts rune, thinking they would finally stay alive.

But I've tried everything, I have leaching beasts rune, I have the 20% reduced damage for pets and me passive, the 20% extra health for minions passive, hell I even got the poisoned enemies do 20% less damage passive just to try to make them survive a single trash fight.

and I have a 300dps weapon, they should be doing enough damage to be able to heal themselves a bit.

I just don't understand it, I know this isn't a summoner necromancer and they nerfed it to make the class more interactive rather than watching pets do everything for you, but I mean, sure I don't mind them doing crap damage and all that as long as they can STAY ALIVE long enough to DISTRACT stuff for me. I've tried getting the most Survivability for them I possibly can and they are still dieing left and right every trash fight, it's ridiculous, what the hell is wrong?

I know they weren't this bad early in the beta, they nerfed the hell out of the dogs to make them wet tissue paper, I assumed maybe this would balance out later in the game, especially with the leach rune, but it just never changes, they cannot survive, what the hell is wrong?

At this point I'm about ready to abandon my favorite playstyle just to go for more damage skills for myself, I mean, if they can't stay alive to distract and tank stuff, then whats the point in even having them? they are just dead weight waiting on the long cooldown all the time.
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Stack Vitality.
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05/19/2012 07:04 AMPosted by Rawketz
Stack Vitality.

It doesn't say anywhere that their health scales with yours, but I've got 596 vitality with 19290 health.
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yea, i made a little post about the dogs too. i feel your pain brother, blizzard really invested a lot of skills into the dogs and at the 'end-game', hell and inferno, where everyone is gonna be playing, they suck and you lose out on a ton of other awesome skills cause of how many skills you have to invest in the dogs. i really hope they see these posts and re-design the dogs cause they're just so freaken cool and almost signature WD.

btw, i think 'sacrifice' should be automatically built into the dogs dying and circle of life should be 30yards and 50% proc so they can be on par with the awesome skills we're missing out on by going zombie dogs.
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Yeah they def need a buff or somthing. as Borelgund said you have to invest so many things into them and they still feel very weak.
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the dogs r terrible at staying alive, i dunno if u can fix it. the templar helps a bit to keep em alive thou.
also if u still wanna have a summoner build then try sacrifice.
use zombie handler, pierce veil and grave injustice for passives.
use final gift (dogs) and next kin (sacrifice)
if u detonate in a large group u can clear roughly half the cooldown timer with grave injustice
and if ur a fan of soul harvest i think u can get easily over 20k dmg per detonation per pet at ur lvl.

im using this build now and im about 65% thru act1 hell.
i should prolly mention that the build is crap against act bosses
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I use the dogs to distract enemies while I slow them and shoot darts (if enemies are few and powerful) and spiders (if they are many but weak). The point of the dogs is to distract, coral, and kite enemies into a ball, trap them, unload from a position, retreat and repeat. That's how I do it but I'm only on act 1...
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Zombie Dogs do not suck, you're not synergizing them in your build... look at my previous posts on the topic.
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05/19/2012 09:45 AMPosted by austin316
Zombie Dogs do not suck, you're not synergizing them in your build... look at my previous posts on the topic.
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They don't... my dogs only die to the most obnoxious groups in Hell... something is wrong with how you're building your character if you don't get value out of them.
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