Diablo® III

My current lvl 60 inferno build

Made this video to show off my current build / gear for farming inferno act 1.

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You could also swap that wall of zombies to hex since the wall is basically useless. Hex can really help you out on those rare mobs.
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First pack of better mobs and you died in no time... Very, very weak build. You should change it.
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How the hell is wall of zombie useless ? That spell is a lifesaver and can put out lots of DPS.
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I didnt say wall of zombie i said Garg
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I'm using this build http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#agQPUj!fUV!aZbbaa (note that for 1-4 you can use whatever spell you want as long as they're long cooldowns, you only need spirit walk, i usually switch mass confusion for soul harvest + siphon if i'm in need of HP regen or more DPS than controls) and i'm currently at the end of ACT 2, i'm not sure you have enough dps to take down inferno Butcher with your template.

I guess this is the top dps build for a WD, basically, you just use all your 4 spells so they're on CD to apply the 300% mana regen from vision quest + Rush of essence makes Spirit Barrage spammable and just spam the !@#$ out of the runed Spirit barrage, it's a bit kamikaze/overkill but works really well.

Spirit barrage with the well of souls rune does insane damage and you can spam it as long as you have your other spells on cooldown. (+ you can kite easily with that spell, way easier than poison dart)

There's one flow tho, you have NO defensive spell so you have to rely on a well timed spirit walk + spirit vessel proc and pot cooldown.

Any WD not using spirit vessel passive in inferno is a stupid WD, jungle fortitude is way less powerful than spirit vessel.
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