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Anyone actually enjoying the monk at 60?

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Hey all.
Just got my monk to lvl 44 and so far find it enjoyable but recently started reading these threads and all i hear is people saying how bad or boring this class is at 60. Does anyone have actually anything good to say about this class for inferno? Not trying to start a flame, just want to know if i should reroll before i get any further into this game.
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I'd like to, but there's only 1-2 viable builds, and by viable I mean you NEED to take them so you get 2-shot instead of 1-shot while you are stuck in Act I until Blizzard buffs you or nerfs Inferno. Insult to injury is, the gear won't change anything, so it's a sad state of affairs for barbs and monks right now. Hopefully Blizzard has a fast response...
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Got my monk to 60, currently rerolling a wiz to stand a decent chance at farming inferno solo.
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so u cant even farm inferno solo even with spamming the heal?
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I had a lot of fun with tank Monk until about 47th level. Then I had to respec to a attack and damage Monk. Now I'm lvl 52 and having a lot of fun in the 3rd act of Hell. Even with 3 people in the group.

Now I started to look more towards the AH to balance the grear right.
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The problem with "spamming" heal is that cool downs prevent spam. D2 didn't have cool downs :( closest thing to it was a 1.5 second cast delay on blizzard and hydra. Only skill that needed a cool down was teleport.

I don't mean to complain too much I'm having a blast with this game. Some things just need balance tweaks.
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its all good, like i said im just trying to figure out what i wanna do now before i move on. 44 monk is still a good level to jump back into if and when they fix the problem. I guess i can mess around with other toons untill something happens.
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