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2 Spirit Gen Builds

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So, I'm curious. I haven't seen any builds recently with 2 spirit gens. Is this not as viable as originally forecasted(That is, I remember seeing threads saying 1 spirit gen would be unviable)?

I know that Normal isn't a good gauge, but this is my build through that. Just starting Nightmare:

Bearing in mind, I play this character exclusively in a duo with my GF who rolls with Witch Doctor. Inferno isn't really on the agenda as she gets discouraged by exceedingly difficult games.

I was just curious what the current consensus is on 2 Gen builds.
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70 Tauren Shaman
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It's fine, I think.

I'm currently using this on Hell: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WbgdTQ!UXb!YcaZab
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How u guys change the Mouse Skill to 2 primary skill ? = ="
i cant change in my charr
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How u guys change the Mouse Skill to 2 primary skill ? = ="
i cant change in my charr
in options. select "elective mode"
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I'm getting through Hell using this build. Sometimes I find I need to Drop Combination Strikes for Trans (Hello there Waller Arcane Plagued pack)

I think it's currently a bug but Sweeping wind seems to be adding an extra count to Combination, giving this build 24% more damage from it rather than the expected 16. It might be because of the Spirit Generating rune. Not totally sure.

Mi Amigo, uses Combination and 3 Generators to Run Act 1 Inferno for drops. IIRC It's virtually the build I linked with no BoH and instead Deadly Reach(foresight?) apparently inferno butcher doesn't like 32% more damage on a 7k dps

Philosophically I find that More than 1 generator only *Only* works because you can honestly use different runes to add new utility other than "Punch" to generators. Teleport/Dash on Thunderclap or FoF. Damage Reduction from Deadly Reach(+armor) or Crippling wave. Extra spirit Gen from well Any of them. Various offensive utility(Foresight/Blazing Fist/Breaking Wave)

This is actually something I find interesting and frustrating about Monk. The possibility to Use 2 or more generators with various runes to perform. (Thunderclap for mobility, Foresight to get more dps, Concussion for some extra survival and say Spirited Salvo for general Spamming between refreshing buff/debuffs) Or even playing Extraordinarily timid(well as timid as can be with 4 primary attacks on your bar) You can get 20% Dodge 50% Armor 20% Damage reduction As bonus effects from Punching. Because of the way Dodge seems to be working it's often best to stick to one maybe two dodge effects(Example. Mantra of Evasion Lightning Flash Wall of Wind Guardian's Path, try using all of them at once, each successive effect has less and less overall benefit) Could result in freeing up a passive slot from Path

Maybe something like...http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#abgWiQ!UgY!ZZYZYb This?

Since Path isn't one Sword and Board wont be automatically outclassed by dual Wield (From what I can tell 15% dodge is far more mitigation than 20% chance to block 1-1.5k damage) Meaning new(er) less geared Players in Hell/Inferno can use the strength of Stacking up %Damage modifiers with Combination strike And the defensive boosts of Dodge, armor, and Damage Reduction (while keeping Boon of Protetion around because honestly I think about half the elite packs I find in hell would just be unpossible without)

I dunno My gears pretty bad still and act 3 hell is so-so. It's either kinda easy or I run into some firechains Molten Vortex Elite and it's just impossible. But I will try out more Multi Generator builds and continue to ramble on about them
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