I have been one of the moaners as far as the WD is concerned, and in part, I still am.
I also hate the vision quest builds with a passion. Soloing, they appear to be so unbelievably ahead of the curve in terms of killspeed that the 10% of cases where you'd be better of with something more kitey/tankey don't really make up for the lost damage. However, solo, not visionquesting does work. If you don't mind being slow, that is.

Groups, however, are a different kettle entirely - at least to my experience so far which does not encompass inferno difficulty. I have only been able to deal comparative damage with a VQ build, and I just don't want to do that. So I tried to come up with a build that might make the WD useful in a different role than pure DD - namely, supporter.


Gearwise, you'd go for - don't laugh - gold pickup radius to some extent and a certain level of tankiness (using the much maligned one-handers with m-reg and a shield most likely), because you are going to be in the thick of things. All the while, you are quite mobile and shouldn't really die unless everyone croaks anyways.

The massive range on the acid cloud means that all enemy mobs are easily debuffed with bad medicine.
20% less damage across the board should help groups, especially if they are not fully geared juggernauts of destruction.
BBV is a wonderful cooldown - I love it to death, and so far, only the lengt of the CD has put me off.
Same goes for mass confuse...confused champions deal quite a bit of oomph to their underlings while the fun lasts. Again, the CD is an issue.

Enter Grave Injustice, which is usually overlooked. That's where the pickup radius comes in - stuff is going to die, and the CDs on your BBV and confuse are going to get reduced considerably.

First cautious testing has been rather positive. Of course, the damage can only be described as "shyte", but in a full group, BBV with slam dance alone almost makes up for that with the 30% added damage (plus the AS), and the 20% paranoia bonus is just adding insult to injury.

Any thoughts on that from the more veteran forum lukers?
Is the idea asinine/not worth it or viable?
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