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Where do Set & Legendary item recipes drop ?

I don't think it wold be worth your time sitting there grinding for level 20 set pieces, if there are any. You would be better off getting into inferno and farming from there.
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My blacksmih is lvl seven and i taught him wall of bone plan i found in nightmare...

its not a matter of level or difficulty. Its MF, luck and repitition
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Have had two llegendary drops, both in normal mode. One was a belt the other a vodoo mask. slice and dice!!!
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I have found two legendary items so far. I found the two-handed sword Faithful Memory in the second act on Normal Difficulty and I found Slave Bonds in the third act on Nightmare Difficulty. Halfway through the first act of Hell, and haven't found any Legendary yet.

No set recipes or set items so far either.
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you do NOT need to be in inferno to get legendary / est recipe drops.
They are just Extremely rare.

As far as Recipes, I got Cain's Horror out of Act 2 Nightmare Difficulty farming with my monk when i was level 40. The set is a level 23 set, made up of 4 armor pieces.

This ^ should confirm for you that indeed you can get a set recipe and not be inferno.
Now ppl might say well thats a crap set recipe, but it doesnt matter, i am just answering the OP since alot of you ppl are giving wrong info
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05/22/2012 01:36 PMPosted by Soulfrost
the PLANS for Unique/Set BLACKSMITHING RECIPES only drop on Inferno.

you are wrong, as i myself have gotten set recipe for cain's in Nightmare.

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the drop is really hard, because you can craft legendary how many times you want, got it?
it's a gold mine
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I had the Captain Crimson plans drop for me in Nightmare. The plans can drop any time, you just aren't going to have a Seven Sins legendary plan drop in Normal mode.
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Nightmare act III, in the armory. I got a legendary set recipe (can't remember the name right now)
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i got a set recipe drop in act 3 or 4 normal mode. it was "born's" whatever. i didn't use it because (at the time) i had better items...but i recently made a wizard and the armor was pretty awesome on it during those lower levels.

also my friend got a recipe drop in nightmare i believe so the people claiming you can only get them in inferno are wrong.
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Im nearly finished hell, still not a single legendary plan has dropped for me... I have found 3 legendary items though... And two legendary items with one of my characters whos still in normal mode... Im expecting the plans to fall in inferno because technically we shouldnt have blacksmithing fully upgraded until then. We need to get that far in to get the right tomes.
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I had one legendary recipe drop for me back in NM mode, Act I. It was a recipe for a staff of herding. But all of the reagents have proven impossible to find. I found one !@#$%^- mushroom, that's it. That was in NM Act I too. Currently seeing inordinate amounts of yellow drops in Inferno Act I and II... but no legendary items or recipes so far.
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I have leveled up 1 character to 60 and did my bit of farming Act I of inferno. I have leveled another to 52. The only plan drop I have seen is the Staff of Herding, which apparently is not that uncommon. However, I have yet to see any plans of any sort. None. Zero. Nada. Zilch. A big fat goose egg. This is getting ridiculous. The drop rates can't be this bad especially when I hear of peeps getting 4 to 5 drop in an hour. And trying to farm a million gold is very time consuming. Let alone 100 million. The number of hours put into this game should have alloted me at least something.

Also, during all this game play and farming, I have only seen one Legendary item drop, and it was for a lower level that I out leveled the same day. Again, this is getting ridiculous. What purpose is there to play a character once you hit level 60, but to farm for weeks and months just to get gold and items to drop just so you can make it and beat Diablo in Inferno.

I have gone online to verify what the plans would look like in a drop, that it should show "Plan: [weapon/armor name]". Thats what it showed on the Herding staff. So I would like to think I know what I am looking for.All I know is that if I get another character to 60, plus all the farming in between, and still do not see a Legendary drop or plan drop, this game can take a rocket trip into the toilet and I go back to playing a Jedi or Sith.

Fix this already.....
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i have borns sets and they dropped in nightmare it is a level 21
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I haven't found any legendary or set plans in inferno yet. As to the other comments about not finding many legendary items, I have myself found 2 level 60+ items. One was the Ivory Tower and the other was the Grandfather.
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I have four chars in inferno, one of them in act 3 doing catapults. So far I have seen three under lvl 50 legendaries, and nothing else. Killed butcher dozens of times... The drop rates are so low! Compared to Diablo 2 the drop rates of set items are 100 times lower or even less.
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Unbelievable, I am really unlucky in this game I am in Hell ACT 1 (level 54 with 30% magic item find) and still 0 legendary/set item through all game. I is any good places in act 1 for that?
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I actualy found lost boys plans in nightmare act 1.
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All Set items are level 60. I am nearly certain that the only place to finmd plans except for the Staff of herding plans which you get from Izual, is Inferno.
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No legendary items? Wow that is unlucky. I get about 2 legendaries per playthrough on Normal Nightmare and Hell.
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