Diablo® III

Shouldn't they tell if they change something?

So yeah, shouldn't blizzard warn us if they changing our skills arround?
Like patch notes and stuff?
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Yes. Changes like removing [OP Build] would kill thousands of hardcore players.
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the patch is not technically over yet
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Yea its not over yet and even if things are nerfd thats just the way it is still continue to play the class cause you enjoy it.
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I tought they released patch notes beforehand, or at least while patching like other games
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Nothing changed.
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What are they nerfing? I know the op build so thats not what I'm asking but rather what way are they changing it to work as intended? Are they just removing the 35% part of the equation from diamond skin or are they doing something stupid like messing with cooldowns? I've been seeing posts about the build and the nerf but I've seen nothing telling me what exactly that they are doing.
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From what I can tell, they put in an additional check that says, if the incoming damage is greater than diamond skin + health pool, then energy armor doesn't fire.

That's why people who have no idea what they are talking about are reporting it works on hell and inferno white trash.

If you go to any hard hitting mob, they 1 shot you.
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Don't you people read what he is writing? He is asking where are the patchnotes. I love seeing some people think they are so smart with their comments
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Should be planned patch notes prior, and final after.
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