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Help? Something going horribly wrong

Im close to the end of Act I (Nightmare) but i've come on here as to look for reasons as to why I keep dying, despite my (apparently not) strong weapons/armour.

I'm lvl 36 and my DPS is 395.77. Which seems to be dismally lower than everyone else.
My setup is http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aZXgfQ!YXc!ZbZaaa

Double wielding two swords, one 60.2 dps and with 150 dex., the other 53.9 and 122 vit. with a range of armour focusing on general defence + as many buffs as possible.

I know i'm a noob and this is my first time playing Diablo so still a lot to learn. In simple terms, could someone explain to me what it is i'm doing so horribly wrong?
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No, your not very well geared, unfortunately.

Have you been/do you want to use the AH? The AH will make your gear much much better. Skill builds are more of a personal decision in NM, so I'll focus on gear.

DW adds a +15% attack speed bonus. Unless you can find two good weapons, it's better to stick with one weapon. I'd recommend a 1 hand + shield combo for the fast spirit generation and increased survivability.

At your level, you should be able to find a socketable +AS sword/fist with 70dps. Put a ruby in and you should be able to hit 90 dps on your weapon.

Upgrade your armor similarly: look for pieces that have +dex and +vit stats. There's lots of affordable gear that will give you >80 points of stats. You should be able to hit 600 dex/600 vit, or some other distribution of those primaries.

Look for rings/amulets with +damage. Any increase to your base damage is multiplied by your dex bonus, so a ring that says +3-6 damage on 600 dex, is actually +21-42 base damage. On a fast weapon like a fist, that's an extra +40dps at base AS, and likely more if you have any +AS items.
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