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Auction house stole my gold

I filed a ticket, but there was nothing regarding this issue or your technical support forums. I'm rather angry right now as I spent gold on an item and was charged for nothing. I hope this doesn't happen when you open up the auction house to people that want to use real money...
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/Agree. Game is solid imo...AH is a buggy pile of crap...I'm thinking August for the real money AH release? lol
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I'm absolutely appalled with all the issues in this game and with more and more piling up I might just go ask for a refund. I bought this game expecting it to be a finished product, and I'm I've been really getting is more stress than I need.
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Yeah man that same thing happened to me, my auction house purchase timed out, but it charged me and i didnt get the item. They really need to fix this !@#$.
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Just had the same problem and they gave me a refund but it says I bought two of the same item. I only got a refund for one of them and it charged me for two, I didn't get either item.
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same happend to me i bought the item it said "buyout accepted" or something like that, and i never got the item, but it took my money.
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same thing. I think I'm not going to use the AH for a few days because I just lost half my gold.
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just had the same problem..bought the item timed out so i tried again and it worked. So, i checked the complete tab and the item is not there..and they just took the gold..what is this?
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Same thing just happened to me 5 min ago. Timed out and took my gold.
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samething happened to me.. lost 100K...no item
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I just tried to buy something and it timed out. So I looked for something else and bought it. This time it went through, only no item was given to me. It also charged me for the first item too, so it took half my gold and I got zip. It does show I purchased these items however.

Where do I go to ask for a refund?
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Me too... Lost 350k couple hours ago.. No item and gold was gone.
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Same here, I bought a glove for 75k on AH with gold... a buy out. Then suddenly the transaction failed, it took my gold... didn't list the transaction and I didn't get the item.

So I cant even list the ID of the transaction.

This sucks!

Took like 10-20 mins for me to receive item but I got it. Hopefully its just massive server stress.
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05/22/2012 03:46 PMPosted by Winterfell
I'm absolutely appalled with all the issues in this game and with more and more piling up I might just go ask for a refund. I bought this game expecting it to be a finished product, and I'm I've been really getting is more stress than I need.

Sad to say friend this is getting to be very common among game developers. They get their money and that is all that matters. They know full well that getting a refund is NEXT to IMPOSSIBLE on pc and console games and slooooowly fix issues over the next 6 months after release, then (here is the great part) conspire to do it ALL over again with the next game, version, expansion. Distributors are allowing these companies to continue this shady practice by stonewalling customers.
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took my gold no item. on purchase history it says i got it too....
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Dear fellow players,
The only thing you can do is file a support ticket on Battle.net/support. An investigation will be made, and you will be refunded any lost gold. This is service is slow and backed-up because of the people who think they will get free gold from it, but if you are patient I promise you they will try their hardest to figure it out. And if you happen to be "helped" by someone that you feel could of done better call back and ask to talk to their supervisor.
I hope that you will get this taken care of, and thank you for support Diablo III with your service! ~Cryogenic
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Yup. stole my money too. really annoying
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This happened to me too just a few moments ago. Lost nearly 400000 gold trying to purchase items and getting transaction timed out errors. Followed Cryogenic's advice above and filed a support ticket. Posting this here so Blizzard understands that this isn't an isolated issue and is causing players to lose massive amounts of gold and items off of a bug ridden auction house.
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