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AH double charged and no items received

I tried to buy Tome of Secrets x 100 and it timed out. SO I tried again, and it went through. I look at the transactions under the completed tab and THEY BOTH went through suddenly and I didnt recieve any items.

For some reason theres 15k & 20k it keeps asking me to put in my stash. I click to put it in, it turns dark. I relog and its lit up again, but no gold was ever deposited.

Good times! Please restore my gold blizz!
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Just a question but how long has it been scene you did not get your gold back? I find it can take 10 min some times for gold to be returned back after a timeout bid.
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SO, I opened a ticket:

I tried to buy tome of secrets x 100 and it timed out. So i tried again. Now ive been charged twice somehow and i havent recieved anything. I only want 100 not 200, and I would like my gold back and the item I have payed for.

Then I added to my ticket:

I just logged in and I recieved both stacks of the tome of secrets. I only wanted one and this happend due to a TIMED OUT error. I would like my 115k gold back please.

This is the response I get:

Thank you for taking the time to contact Blizzard Entertainment Customer Support.

Transactions in the Diablo III Auction House may occasionally take some time to process before the money and item are delivered to the appropriate parties.

Items can take up to 48 hours for delivery. Proceeds from auctions may take up to 5 days for delivery in certain circumstances. If you have not received your item or money after five days have passed, please reply to this ticket for assistance. If you wish to speak with a representative via phone, our contact information can be found at: http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/contact

(its been 4 days so idk if this is just a computer generated response or what)

so i respond:

Please read my ticket again... you didnt answer my issue at all

then i get a response:

Hey there, I'm Game Master Errinthal.

I grabbed your ticket as soon as I could.

Thanks so much for your patience as we try and get the wait times to a more reasonable level. With all the excitement behind the scroll of resurrection and Diablo3, it has caused an influx in contacts.

Customer Support is unable to address bug reports submitted through Support Site tickets. For information on how to report a bug in Diablo III, please see our Reporting Diablo III Bugs support article

SO, here I am blizz. Following your direction just looking to get my gold back!
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Patiently waiting for my gold back... would like to craft things....
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Oh and now this:


First off, I just want to apologize on behalf of Blizzard Entertainment in regards to the long wait times to get your petition addressed. We are working day and night to get the wait times lowered so that you do not need to wait so long to speak with a member of our staff. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime while we battle time itself!

You may be out 115k gold but you have an extra 100 Tombs of Secrets. If you wish to earn the gold back, selling the tombs is your only option. The Game Master department is unable to intervene once a purchase/sell has gone through.

Thank you for contacting the Game Master department! Kirby Dance! <(^.^ <) <(o.O )^ <( ^.^ )> ^( O.o)> (> ^.^)>


Game Master

So due to a game error I'm stuck with something I dont want/need. What?
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Oh now the tomes are gone after the AH went down today. Super. Now I have no gold and no tomes.
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Okay, so I got this today:

I'm sorry to hear about this situation, and I can definitely feel your pain as I've encountered some frustrating issues myself, including having some gold vanish after trying to bid on something just like you did. :( However, the D3 team has requested that all technical issues, feedback, and bug reports be posted on the Diablo III forums at this time to help with consolidating the pressing issues, so check out our forums for assistance and report your issues there.

Additionally, the Game Master staff is unable to restore achievements, items, gold, or characters for any reason (including losses due to bugs or server stability) unless the account has been compromised.

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