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Azmodan solo In Inferno post patch

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Is it me or is it just impossible?

I have soloed basically everything all the way up to here (yes, even entire act 3 all the way post ss nerf patch), but have hit a total brick wall at Azmodan (talking over 50 tries and failing). For this few reasons.

1)There is no casting animation at all whenever the pools (Hell's grasp) spawn, hence there nothing to anticipate for possible kiting.

2)The pools seems to be casted directly on your character in solo after the initial few random pools

3)The pools are instant kill for a DH not in smoke-mode regardless of gear.

Act 2 and 3 became a lot tougher after the SS nerf, but it is still doable with proper kitting (and skipping soul lasher elite mobs), but this is a total brick wall. Any one else has done it post-patch?
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there is an indicator when he will start spawning Hell's Grasp; He'll utter a unique dialogue before spawning the grasps. There is approximately 5-6 seconds between each spawn (I calculated it personally, as I'm also attempting azmodan on inferno right now)

what i noticed was extremely helpful is to carry preparation with backup plan and the usual smoke screen with the additional duration rune, plus the movement speed passive in order to outrun the grasps in smoke screen.

when you see the first grasp spawn, count for about 5-6 seconds. then pop smoke screen and start running- you should be able to outrun the 2nd grasp that spawns with your passive. repeat for about 5-6 times until all the grasps despawn.

it also helps to run around the room in a clock-wise or counter-clockwise fashion to bait his hell's grasps, since they're usually placed in your character's vicinity and you don't want to get trapped and killed when there's only 1 hell's grasp left

i'm actually having a hard time not with the hell's grasps but the laser that he shoots out. THAT has no casting animation or warning
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I have not tried Azmodan on Inferno post nerf but...It seems like there is just enough time to press SS before you take the damage from his pools. Now with the duration nerf you normally wont have enough time to run out before it works but im pretty sure if you throw on Tactical Advantage you would be able to. As I said I have no tried this quite yet but its worth a shot if you havent done it yet.
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get a 1k dps bow and just burn him down my dh has 43k dps and i just killed him before the 5th pool even spawned, nether tentacle + bird + mark that generates hatred and u can just spam away
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@ Luth : Solution for your problem is just to get hungering arrow and stay 2 screens away, and fire in the direction where he shows in the minimap. Never ever get into laser range. I'll try that "smoke-before-he-pools" stuff later

@ Retso, good solution, Now just to find my 46k dps ;/
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I use cluster bombs with stun.. pretty much keeps him in one place, run around the perimeter of the map when he shoots out his death holes and one impale with CB can pretty much knock out the summoning portals...
32K dps
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Belial is easy. Just stay out of !@#$, kind've gaming 101 there.
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I just killed him for my first time in Inferno about 30 mins ago. Took me nearly 5 hours and would always get his health to about 10%-20% then die from pools. I used nether tenticles and went all out from the start with the bat for hatred and mark for more hatred so I never ran out. and ss when needed. wont have to worry about adds just the pools and fireball/corpse rain.

It seems like there's just that one small area that's left and you have to be lucky.

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Sharpshooter rune and cluster bombs > Azmodan.
Fire twice for 100% crit on ALL bombs.

It's insane dmg.
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Did it at last, over 80 tries I would estimate.

Finally beat it with a all out DPS attempt (~7 tries), guess its just some kind of gear check after all, it would be real hard to solo this this without good act 4 gear which was what I was attempting with in all my tries before.
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I tried this after today's patch 1.02a with a different build/set, I was able to beat solo :P
Duoing this gives too much HP on him and impossible to kill fast but solo play on this guy is manageable even with 1 s ss (I use lingering fog). My 2nd atempt and took ~3-4min to kill him. Just gotta stun lock him every now and then and spam nether tent and make sure you destory hell's gate. I was doing 30k with sharpshooter and had 60% passive thing on. Just make sure you stay away from pool and dont be happy after that, he'll start laser beam at you.

and one note, pool is not instant kill as long as you equip many HP sets.. I gave up ~50k dmg for 25k hp and I take about ~4 hits to die from pool. Apparently what I've noticed, the center of pool gives the most damage vs. outer pools. So play smart hehe.
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get 4+ attacks per second and burn
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There is a pattern to when and where he places the pools. The laser beam is what's impossible to dodge.

It also helps to have enough health to take one hit.
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Pools are every 5 seconds, just time it
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you can pull him to the middle at start , that lets you dps during pool phase.
first 3 pools arnt aimed at you he will spawn them around himself then he starts aiming then.
new pool spawns aprox as previous one stops growing its nto too hard to SS it, or you can time it its about 4-5s between pool spawn. With 28k dps or so i was able to take him down as he stoped spawning them.

Very easy fight if you have enough dps to burst him down or if you have enough hp/resist to take few pool hits.
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05/23/2012 10:18 PMPosted by sTsStrykerz
Belial is easy. Just stay out of !@#$, kind've gaming 101 there.

You really thought he was talking about phase 3? Really?

I have seen a lot of people hit a wall on Belial in Inferno. Lots of DH especially, and noone ever has a problem with P3, its getting to phase 3 past the adds thats the issue for most people.
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The first 3 pools spawn at the edge, so wait for them to spawn. After that make the counting.

And about the laser, I could outrun it? Maybe invest some money in movement speed boots :P
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