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Awesome security Blizz... Just awesome...

Oh wow, I just logged on to check if my restore went through... The guy that took my !@#$ was in a game.. LoL... Naturally I investigated...

He was with some other poor SOB's character.. clearing it out...

Or maybe this is his main account...
Endymion#1536 (had full gear)

then this character joined (no gear)

I promptly called him a plethora of foul things then proceeded to disintegrate him hoping that blizzard would hiccup in that moment in time and send this %^-*er to oblivion.

Here he is admitting hacking my !@#$:

Edit: sorry skute#1641 he logged ur !@#$ in too... tried to trade me the items by mistake...

Edit2: Wow.. im just watching him empty accounts...

Edit3: Margery#1153 is another toon he uses to transfer stuff...

Edit4: kbubolz#1806 sorry buddy, your stuff is gone... looks like u had some nice gear.
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I was hacked too :(.

Someone has breached into my account ... I was normally playing the game and then i have been disconnected "some other computer logged into your account" or something like that. I have immedeatly go to the battle.net page and changed my passwords via email. I was robbed of all crafting materials, at least the robber didnt chatched to steal anything else ... i was quick with my password change. I didnt played public game yet, I have played only with my friends and I didnt gave my password to anyone.

Today morning i have noticed unknown entity in my list of recent palyers. I dont ever played public game, so dont know how that player becoms on my list. It was player/account named as Vampire, i have reported him for real-life thred, because it must be the hacker who hacked my account.
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sigh... I guess I wont point out, again, the claims of people saying they too got hacked even with an authenticator...

Furthermore, I never said I was 'too good' for it, I said there should be no need for it. If places with more valuable things use a simple password, why is blizzard specifically having problems?

If I had a smart phone, id be using it. I didn't know a authenticator was necessary to keep the integrity of a casual online game... Kill me for making the assumption that I would not need to buy a dynamic key for my game...

Furthermore, I never said It was explicitly blizzards fault... I just find it kinda hard to believe that In 2 days I was targeted, coerced, and attacked.. Its kinda a small time period even for the best of hackers to accomplish...

Too bad. There IS a need for it. And it is NOT like a bullet-proof vest. Completely different. You are aware of the threat of being hacked. There aren't bots running around IRL with guns shooting people.
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Okay.. fine... your gonna get in a car accident... then Ill be all like "OH DIP SON, SHOULDA BEEN IN A TANK" and then tell you its your fault for not driving around in a tank...
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Oh oh.. how about this one... someone is gonna hand u a pair of scisors the wrong way and they will cut you... then ill be all like "SHIITTTT, shoulda got your skin transfused with titanium FOOL!!!!" and then also tell you it was your fault.
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Even better.. someone is gonna drop a penny from the top of the empire state building right as u walk by and BAMMM its gonna hit u in the head.. then in the afterlife Ill be all like, "SHOULDA MADE THAT WICKED SICK UMBRELLA!!!! BTW ITS YOUR FAULT - NOT JUST DUMB LUCK"
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just an idea..maybe you could check your options if you're logging in into right server ( cuz i has same issue, I was playing on europe server but suddenly/somehow options reset server to america) ?
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Nope, right settings alright. The guy left me the 1 item that couldn't be traded...
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The Hacking has gone on on a pretty big scale.... Blizzard has been compromised not the players. Even Authenticators aren't working so Blizzard needs to do something about it. Now.
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This is insane. I don't understand how people can say that not using an authenticator means that it's the account owner's fault for getting hacked.

Authenticators are supposed to help enhance security, NOT constitute the entire foundation of account security. What's the point of having a password if it's useless and you must have an authenticator (but nobody informed you about it). Why should we have to pay $6.50 extra because we don't have a smart phone but want to lessen our likelihood of getting hacked? Pretty ridiculous. Even more so when we DO get hacked (with or without the authenticator), and nothing is done to help recover the losses despite it not being our fault.

My password is fairly strong. My scan showed no viruses, trojans, or other malicious programs. I don't open e-mails from senders I don't personally know. I don't download anything other than basic programs (AIM, Skype, Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc.). I still got hacked.

I don't have a smart phone. I neither desire to use one, nor can I afford one.
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05/25/2012 03:06 AMPosted by Blix2
The Hacking has gone on on a pretty big scale.... Blizzard has been compromised not the players. Even Authenticators aren't working so Blizzard needs to do something about it. Now.

Yes there is an issue; I would not go so far as to say that blizzard has been 'compromised'. I would, however, venture into saying that blizzard may have a bug in their code that allows educated parties access to accounts... Not really being compromised but rather overlooking something...big...

And at the end of the day I could be dead wrong and could have been phished or something.

All I know is someone needs to step up in the blizz staff and say 'HEY ALL YOU PEOPLE. I AM THE MAN. I WILL STOP HACKERS.'

If its manning a team for looking for said bug
manning a team that punishes hackers to the extent of cyber terrorism to discourage phishers/loggers (foreseeable argument used against me for my 'why don't banks have trouble with simple passwords' concept)
Making sure people get back EXACTLY what they lost.. not a 'eeeeh!?!?! seams about right, he couldent have made too much progress in 2 days' approach that they have now. (for some people, a single drop in those 2 days may equate to more worth than them playing for weeks on end)
Actually provide users with a safe authentication... If passwords do not keep peoples stuff safe.. provide something that will, at no extra charge... for everyone... (provide the damn authenticator with the box, I would have had one bought If I knew your security measures were pure garbage)
programming a IP logging software that actually works....(Really... make a program and when people get hacked.. tell them "WE DIDNT SEE IT" even though a person was added to their friends list that they clearly did not add. You couldn't be any more oblivious with FACT staring you straight in the face)
I mean I could go on...
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I understand your anger 100%

I mean if someone told you they lost all of there things then maybe its hackers who hacked them but if 100's of people tell you then obviously its an issue.

I really want to play but if I lose everything again then whats the point?
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