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Question for good Dh's

Ok so I just have a few questions, I just started playing finally since all my overtime at work is done for the month. I am about to start act 3 normal so im really really just starting btw.

A few questions I have.

Bola shot vs hungering ?? which one and why ?

Companion - what is this for it seems useless because mobs dont target for a decoy and doesnt attack much ?

Grenades - Not much dmg and long throw/explode time seems low dps any use for this?

Also the stickies dont really seem to be clear on this so i will ask here

2h /// 1h with quiver // dual 1h

Seems to me that 2h bow or xbow with quiver is the SAME thing as 1h with quiver right????

Also it seems that the only time dual wield would be better is if both main and offhand are about the SAME dps and the offhand has better stats than your quiver ??

Thanks guys !
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Oops it double posted , i deleted the other sorry guys.
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You're still in normal, have fun with it, really anything you do will work, it's time to experiment and see what you like best. End game is basically user's preference for hatred generation and everyone and their mother uses elemental arrow with nether tendrils. Low level I would consider using ice arrow or lightning arrow (i prefer ice) as your hatred dump and hungering>bola. Also evasive shot is usually overlooked, i used it as part of my strategy to kill diablo in nightmare and hell when my gear was the craps.
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I'm not a great DH, but I am in a4 inferno.

1. Bola v. hungering

Hungering hands down imo, it pierces and can do some amazing damage on its own. The only possible use I see for bola is if you have some amazing IAS and can make use of the 'bitter pill' rune but even then you do cut into your damage quite significantly.

2. Grenades

Never used em, seem totally useless.

3. 2h/1h with quiver/dual 1h

This is a very controversial topic (in my opinion) for the following reasons:

+ Pretty consistent damage
+ Pretty easy to get a cheap one
- Lower IAS potential
- Lower crit hit damage potential (i've only ever seen 8% crit chance on a quiver)
- Lower crit damage potential (if running archery passive)

+ 10% crit chance
+ Increased crit hit damage potential (both weapons can have a natural bonus of 60% or more as well as a socket).
+ Increased Ias potential (1handers can have ridiculous IAS too).
- Random damage spread
- For 'just the right' stats you're probably going to have to spend alot more than you would have to on a 2 hander.

The 1hander quiver option, imo, is just the poor(er) man's option, you're forgoing alot of increased crit damage (socket + weapon mod) just so you can skimp on the extra bow.

hope this helps.
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http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5271781881 my weapon guide can help answer many of the weapon questions you have, fairly good read to understand the difference between the 3 weapon choices.

as for the abilities, hungering shot is best for single target use (like against bosses and lone champion/rare mobs) while bola shot is best against groups.

the reason why people dont use bola shot is because you can get much better and efficient aoe abilities such as ball lighting and neither tentacle or even rapid fire.

bola shot really is best used for it's procs later on, probably the best choice for a support DH for arena battles to stun lock someone or be a discipline generator to set traps all over the arena
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