Diablo® III

Bow/Crossbow/Hand Crossbow which 1 is better?

I am damn confusing about this 3 type of weapon, any advice for choosing these 3 weapon~?
Bow good for?
Xbow good for?
Hand Xbow good for?
Pls HLP...><
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It seems like most people are doing the two hand bow/cbow with a quiver as opposed to dual wielding 1 handers.

I'm sure someone else can explain numbers...
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It's twice as expensive to get the same amount of dps when you duel-wield.

ie. You have 1m to spent.
You can either spent all the 1m on one 2 hander to get a weapon, or 500k each on two one-handers, and hence in the end you do less dps because none of your one hander is going to be as good as that two-hander.

Also 1h crossbows are ridiculously overpriced and usually give you less dps per gold spent compare to a 2-hander. Not sure why tho.

The only time when duel-wielding beats 2h+quiver is when you have too much gold to spent and get two ridiculously good one-handed crossbows with a lot of good stats on both of them.
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Unfortunately this reveals how horrible the item system is.


It actually doesn't matter. You can equip any TYPE of weapon you like, it makes no difference, as Megathron said, all that matters is the damage. Equipping 2 weapons only means you have a chance to get extra stats on both of them. Far better pouring your money into 1 weapon, to be honest. Even the right Hand Xbow > Bow/Xbow.
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Thank you very much for the reply~
Its really help me alot~^^
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I like two 1 handers. For the attack speed, and the extra weapon gem. You can get 50% atk spd with two 1 handers but only 45% with a two handers&quiver. You also get the advantage of extra crit hit dmg.
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I'm playing DH for quite some time, and i'm now at hell difficulty...through out my game ..i really would go for 1 hand crossbow because of the 10% additional crit chance..that's a big thing because getting crit chance on equips is really hard..you can find at least 1%- 4% additional for gears which really cost high with dex stats.

2H crossbows could offer you much damage but expect less crit which is about 1/10 ratio with passive skills..unlike the 1H crossbows which could give crit up to 1/4 ratio with passive skills.

Tip for 1 hand crossbows
1. it doesnt necessary to buy 2pcs 1H crossbow with similar amount of damage because that would be costful. What i did is to go for a Elite 300-400dps 1H crossbow with exellent stats like dex + vit + critical damage which is not costful to find..then add an quiver with stats like DEX+ vit + knockback or other things which could not be found on crossbows ..quivers are less expensive and give a lot of stats. Just do the smart search in the auction house.

TIP: DONT BUY LEGENDARY..haha rare's are more powerful trust me
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2H Crossbow is the best right now = Bonus to critical damage with passives on.

DH is a glass cannon, our only hope is to shoot a few pot shots off, and reposition yourself. Its a lot better then those 3 shots are all doing 200k crits.


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http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5271781881#1 my guide actually explains exactly what your looking for, about how each weapon is best for which type of game play, take a look and hopfully it'll give you some insight as to what is better for your style
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