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Dexterity vs. % Skill Damage

If 1 Dexterity increases damage by 1% then
5% Increased Elemental Arrow Damage = 5 Dexterity?
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% Elemental Arrow Damage stacks on top of Dex increase.
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the 5% elemental arrow damage is applied after the dexterity.
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I have a scenario.. since there are no damage meters and i cant find any good spreadsheets...

I have two quivers...( only showing the damage altering stats)

Legendary lvl20- when equipped with passives dps is: 56871.74
+82 Dex ( gemmed)
13% attack speed increase

and i have a rare with: when equipped with passives dps is: 56201.11
+73 Dex
+12% attack speed increase
+ Increases Elemental Arrow Damage by 8%

Stat for Stat the legendary will give me +670.6 dmg total (670 dps isn't a big difference i know, but since im starting inferno i know i will have situations where ill need to min max EVERYTHING for specific builds)

I have a quiver that would increase elemental arrow damage by 8%

I use elemental arrow as my main attack for almost everything ( with void rune), so im wondering how the 8% weights in stat-wise to losing out on the 1 % attack speed..aka 670 dmg

Is there anything out there that can calculate your dps and compare the damage ratio?

Like.. 4% skill = 500dmg if you have 20k base dmg...
or something of that nature....

Right now ive been using the rare because it has more discipline which i need for inferno farm, but for pure dps was curious if anyone theorycrafted or has a calculator online to do the math with specific spells?

Besides.. the numbers move to fast on the screen lol
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1 DX = 1% on top of base damage.

1% skill damage = 1% on top of total damage.
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