So people who just did some achievements this afternoon got screwed again.

I was one of the people who lost a bunch of achievements in the first 24 hours with all the server restarts. I'd finally gotten around to playing a second character and this afternoon I spent some time getting many of the books/journals/etc i was missing for the 3 reading achievements in act 1. (A Quick Study, Taking Notes, and Historian of Tristram)

I'd gotten like 10 entries, and only had 2 left. I'd even gotten one of the achievements. This was all done right before servers went down this afternoon.

I now find myself missing most of the entries I had gathered this afternoon, as well as being unable to get credit for the remaining entries on now a second character.

This is completely ridiculous. This has been an issue since the first day, and now you cause it to happen again, with no fix in sight? Bravo. I'm completely dumbfounded by how poorly this situation has been handled.