Diablo® III

Patch 1.0.2 MoE vs MoH

Blizzard logic when designing a 1k absorb with mobs hitting 20-30k each? Everything they apply is the opposite of what they claim to be their driving force ''If any rune or skill feels absolutely required to progress, it means that skill is working against our goal"

Good job on redesigning yet another useless Inferno mantra rune. We're stuck with either Time of Need or MoE
Even if Inferno gets nerfed as they say, it's more useless than any other mantra, lategame wise.

Nothing to do here.
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It depends on if your armor or resists are higher. Dodge is nice, but it doesn't work on ground effects, so I prefer Time of Need.
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I personally use MoH with Circular Breathing. I'm also using Chant of Resonance as a passive. I find the +5 spirit regen is priceless for being able to sustain more ability usage in combat.

This is in Inferno Act 2 and 1.

I don't find stacking Dodge to be a safe choice in Inferno. Dodge is great, but on those few times when you do not dodge (there will always be some), you are going to get slammed hard.

The spammable 1k shield WITH the latent HP regen is wonderful. It is the spammable nature of the shield from MoH at present that makes it worthwhile. Not only a shield and regen for you, but also for your group. Great things.
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