A versatile kiting build that can take on almost any type of elite pack and boss. Tested up to act 1 inferno.


The strategy is to fight just outside of melee range, using deadly reach for the damage buff and to regen spirit. Keen Eye can be substituted. Your damage will come from ringing the bell over peoples heads. Make sure they are close enough for the bell to actually hit them for max damage (although the range portion is nice to have in a pinch as well). It is vitally important to use your two knockacks well to control your exposure to incoming damage. Remeber that the bell's laser beam has a knockback, not just LTK.

Sweeping armada is crucial for scattering packs so you don't get swarmed; a lifesaver vs fast, teleporters, vortex, jailers, wallers, invulnerable minions, you name it.
Dashing strike is essential for defense and mobility. Serves as an offense enabler for hit and runs, and an escape. Even without a target, it will jump you just far enough to get out of pools, over arcane beams, and it works while jailed. With practice and amazingly good timing, it will even make you immune to frozen or exploding corpses.
Mystic Ally is great for spirit regen, and passive dps at range. Substitute for a defensive cooldown if you really want one, but the point of this build is to deal consistent damage without getting hit often. It also seems to help resolve uptime (not fully tested though) and sort of offtanks for you. Expect to resummon it a lot though.
Passives are about mitigation and spirit regen. WOTG does in fact work on passive regen, but it won't show on your character sheet (tested with stopwatch). Resolve seems to work better in my experience then Sieze the Initiatiove, but you can substitute if you prefer.

Gearing: Spirit Regen, top-end damage (2h required) and mitigation. Stack armor and resists like any other build. Stack life regen and combined with kiting that should be all the defense you need (currently I can heal my full health in 12 seconds- a little circle around the pack is all it takes to recover). The key is to use a 2 hander with spirit gen, and any other spirit gen piece you can get (the legendary amulet is handy, and frostburn gauntlets pre-inferno). This will let you keep up a steady strike of bell ringing with minimal time spent stopping to use your spirit generator.

Enjoy the ringing in your ears...
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