I'm having almost no problems with act 2 thus far. A few thoughts.

Are you standing in puddles (red, green, purple ect)?
Do you use Seven Sided Strike every time it's up? Or, are you being a good monk and using it as the escape that it is which just so pleasantly happens to do damage?
Do you use Serenity? Which rune do you use?
Do you expect to tank everything and just go super sayen whenever you feel like it?
Do you drink heavily before sitting down to your computer?
Is Ninja Gaiden 2 hard for you on Master Ninja? If no, what is your fastest ranked speed time?

If you answered any of these incorrectly, reroll WD/DH/WIZ.

I'm doing just fine except for the occasional !@#$% of a combo on an elite pack. I've spent maybe a grand total of 500k on gear from the AH for lvl 60 stuffs... maybe. In a standard Hell butcher run, going from warden to butcher I usually make close to 100k. If I add in Whimsyshire after I have 5 stacks of Valor it gets in the range of 150-200k gold. I feel like, maybe you're bad? Do some reading about skills. Look at the awesome monk flowchart that was posted to our forum the other day. Farm. These are the tenants of Diablo. Farm/Research/Grind/Learn. By doing these things a lot, you will become good. Or! You can go back to Barrens chat and complaining about 'Toss 4 gating you into oblivion in the silver league. Either way. I will continue to feel like a beast when I SSS my way out of a jail and end up killing one of the elite pack I'm on.

Good day sir.