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Is Chant of Resonance too much of a crutch?

I am loving this Mantra however I get the feeling I am not having to learn spirit management because of it.
My Monk is only lvl 24 on normal mode so it is just a convenience thing at this point however i do not want to have a difficult learning curve when I have to dump this mantra for something that is better.
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You will be forced to pick other passive in around hell/inferno, enjoy while you can.
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I think it is. Also, at least when I was using Chant of Resonance, it made me more hesitant to refresh my Mantras prematurely since I felt like I was wasting the spirit cost if I still had a lot of time left on my Mantra.

This ultimately made me unprepared for using the initial 3-second buffs you get from Mantras that are incredibly useful.

Also, if you get your attack speed high enough (use 1-hands), Fists of Thunder generates Spirit REALLY fast. If you can get a weapon with close to 1.65 or higher, even other spirit builders become really effective.
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Dont worry about it too much. No matter what your playstyle is gonna drastically change in inferno. You dont want to "preemtively" play like in inferno, you will only lose time.

Basically, enjoy it while it lasts.
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Awesome, appreciate the input :)
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I wish I could use it. The spirit regen is great seeing as how there are only 3 gear slots that you can reliably get spirit regen on. The 10 minute duration is more of a convenience thing.

I usually don't like to activate the Mantra again until the duration is almost done, but for some, especially MoC:Overawe, activating it gives a huge boost. Combining the MoC:Overawe with SSS or Blind:FitL results in a LOT of damage being dealt.

Since I run with Transcendence at the moment, activating the Mantra also gives me a mini heal. At times I just burn my spirit on Mantras since it's a fast way to convert Spirit into Life.
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Its not really a crutch. I used it until I found a spirit stone with 2 spirit regen, then switched for something else.
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