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Okay Blizzard,
I love you but this is not cool.

I had a friend do some research for me on my 10 AH items that I have posted.
Out of the 10 I have posted only 3 are ACTUALLY visible to other players.......
That means I have 7 slots THAT will NOT be sold and will HAVE to expire before I can put more items up.
I'm down for the whole 10 items thing but darn it I can't sell things if I only have three slots @ any one time. Since two of the 3 are BID items it makes the waiting game Terrible.

Please fix this and I'm curious how many other people have the same thing happening and have NO CLUE that this is going on.

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Yep, i have 8 items not showing up at all. This is insane with having to wait for all of them to run out of time, from around 39 hours to 19 hours.

I thought this would be fixed by the time they announced at 22:45 EST that the auction house was up and running again, but with pretty much everything else on the ah working my items are still invisible to my search and appears only on the tab that is visible to me.
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Same, who can we contact to get them cancelled early?
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yea same thing has happened to me, i says 10 out of 10 but only 1 is showing :\
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05/19/2012 12:27 AMPosted by ZacEfron
Same, who can we contact to get them cancelled early?

There is a customer service tab when you press escape inside the game that brings you to a page where you can write a report. Though I honestly have no hope of them responding before the auctions expire.
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I posted something that could improve the Auction House for Gold users.


The only problem is that it doesn't address this issue, although it would help create open Auction House Item Slots for you to use again.
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already posted, got this


Thank you for contacting Blizzard Support regarding your Diablo III issue.

We are not able to assist with removing items from the Auction House. :/ You are welcome to post your issue within the Bug Forum, http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/5386229/ , and check for future updates. Best of luck to you!

We hope you continue to enjoy your experience in the Diablo Universe!

For additional resources and breaking news on the latest issues, please refer to our support site:


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Blizzard Entertainment
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Some of my gems refuse to sell, I assume it's related to this. Usually if I undercut gems will sell instantly, but some of them won't sell after multiple relistings and searching for gems shows higher prices than what I listed them for

(4 radiant rubies and 1 radiant amethyst are the affected gems, if that makes any difference)
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