Diablo® III

I am on a quest to find a Melee build

Deciding that I WILL be going with some kind of melee build on my DH alt. Any suggestions on a build?
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you cannot melee on a DH sorry bro.
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My current melee dagger DH so far uses the extended Smoke Screen to run into the middle of a mob, Fan of Knives, then close range Impale (I find that the penetration rune is most viable so far) until I've run out of hatred so that he starts stabbing. As usual, continue to abuse Smoke Screen and Preparation (I use the healing rune) to stay alive, Fan of Knives again when I can.
The remaining two skill slots I'm still experimenting with. Not having a skill set for left click lets me stab at will, saving hatred for other skills, and right now I'm trying grenades which are awesome and generate hatred but I feel a lot less like a melee DH and so I use it as little as possible out of principle (Except for times when it's just the PERFECT moment for grenades, at which point I happily go crazy). The other slot currently has Caltrops, which are helpful...I guess. I mean, they do their caltropy thing but... I can survive without so yeah, see if I can find somethign more usefull and melee-y
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