Diablo® III

perm invis/stun build.

This is my attempt at a build based on crits, regaining discipline. and stunning, invis'ing as much as possible or whenever needed.
Anyone try a build like this? oh and obviously, u must go dual wield xbows for this., max out attack speed and crit%


this is for a lvl 50 btw. I didnt really look into skills past lvl 50
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Im running a similar build to yours except I took bola shot with bitter pill for more discipline regen and better damage skill and marked for death instead of Evasive fire.

Also took impale instead of elemental arrow so I can just burst my hate out quicker and get back to regening discpline.

Fan of knives is incredible, great replacement from caltrops once i got to Hell.
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I feel like the grenades combined with sharpshooter, results for a LOT more crits. Maybe im wrong though, they do seem a bit less reliable at hitting than bola. im only lvl 50, so i dont know what hell is like yet, i'll test this out right now.
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Yeah if I were running a stun-oriented build I'd go with Bola Shot too. The only other thing I'd add, is that you wouldn't need to DW or focus on attack speed in Hell and beyond. You're not standing still long enough for the ultra high attack rate to matter, you're kitting pretty much any rare/champion packs all over the place.

Seems solid.
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hmmm, i didnt really think of it that way. The way i think of attack speed is when i do stand still, when i can (invis), i could get more stuns out and generate more crits/attacks and therefore discipline, it would give me more survivability. And if i generate discipline so well, i dont have to "kite" because i'll be standing near them invisible, giving me time to actually do as i please.

This is all coming from an act 1 hell lvl 51 DH though, so its mostly theorycrafting i suppose.

The DW is also there for the 10% crit chance, as well as the IAS.
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