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Being very very under gear (5k DPS, 3.5k armor, 30kHP, 170 resist, 50% dodge) and still pass Inferno ACT1, I believe monks are toughest class in the game and could still deal a fair deal of damage while being tanky. I'm surprised alot of monk players are whining about it. My friends, included a very good demon hunter and witch doctor with 15k to 20k DPS, often said they want to play a monk to have the heals and immunity. If it isn't for the tanking monks and barbarians, DPS in the back couldn't even have time to kite and DPS mobs in inferno.

My HP is lower than my demon hunter friend (32k) and I could survive 20+ seconds in any situation just by using immunity, CCs and heal back up. I just soloed the Inferno Butcher, who keep hits me for 70%+ of my HP with this gear. But I'm able to stay alive and chip away. If I can survive and deal 20k DPS at the same time, who would play Hunter/Doc/Wiz?

But this is not just it. There are alot other monks out there with different builds!

I know a godly monk Genesis from AU server, who has very low 5k DPS but uses Dodge and Evasion / Backlash to tank and do the DPS.

I also have a monk friend HolyShock who uses ONLY daibo and utilize sprit regen items to spam Kicks/Hand of Ytar. He plays monk as a healing wizard. If you have good monk special items maybe you should try this out. He use Ally and Templar to do all the work with Mantra of Retribution in solo, and I often partner with him so we can have two allys to tank and monsters die fairly quickly with his retribution build.

All in all I found monks to be very creative and fun. If you're thinking to reroll because you can't move out of the standard tanking build, don't give up! Try all the skills and find the build that's right for you!

A bit on my own build:

I'm using an alternative combo build from Ascent's standard tanking build. I replace sweeping strikes with Windforce Fury. My build works better with under gear Monks that cannot heal through because it has fair RANGED DPS for some elites and mob groups that you just can't afford to melee with. My build also work with Duel Wielding and 2handers because you don't have to melee.


In group, I replace Ally with Blind And Confused. But I sometimes find Ally useful as an offtank. It can take a few hits.

I Duel Wield for DPS, yet I still only have 5k DPS because both of my weapons suck and 1h/shield for group/boss/passing, which reduces my DPS to only 4k

Skip this wall of text if you like
1. Fists of Thunder / Lightening Flash: the 16% dodge is essential to me because I'm under geared. If you have better gear you can use another rune like Quickening. Only use strike 1 and 2 and leave the third strike for:

2. Windforce Fury: 250% damage every second if you're Duel Wielding, thank to Fists of Thunder. It also has a fairly long range which I can use for kite and Poke if the fight is too tough. I use Deadly Reach/Scatter Blow for this before I have Windforce Fury. With Windforce Fury I'm basically doing 8k DPS with 5k on my stats.

I'm doing more DPS with Windforce Fury than Sweeping Wind and I'm not locked in melee range. If you want more tankiness you can replace Windforce Fury with DeadlyReach/Keen Eyes, but I wouldn't lose the DPS. You can replace a defensive for Sweeping Wind if you want even more DPS - Which is what I did against the Inferno Butcher.

3. Serenity / Instant Karma: The 50% reflection is a TON of damage. Considering monsters do more than 50k damage per second... I can spam Mantra to heal up during serenity so peaceful repose is not needed. This is what I use to kill elite monsters.

4. Etenteral Ally: A much better tank than me. Although it dies in a few hits, it comes back by itself often and if not I will have enough spirit to make another. In boss fights, it doesn't die to most AoE effects because it has 50% AoE damage reduction? Not sure it is the key for my boss soloing. I can regen double the amout of spirit before it dies in a boss fight. VS some elites you may want to use 7 Sided Strikes or Blinded and Confused.

5. Heal and Fear: The heal is minor but the CC is needed. I prefer this over blind because of the heal. The 1.5 second fear is good enough for you to back up and heal up again because monsters stays away from you. You can use Blinded and Confused too because monsters do more damage to themselves when they're confused.

6. Mantra of Healing / BOP: Standard. I also explored a bit on Mantra of Evasion / Backlash and I believe I could do it if I have better armor. (Transcendence + Spamming Mantra for the 16% dodge would heal through if you have better gear)

Transcendence: The one skill I believe every monk has to have.
One with everything: What makes me survive against mage/elites. but if you have good resist you can swap something else.
Seize the initiative: Optional. If I decide to kite and poke, I would even use Combination Strikes for boss fights.

The Guardian's Path is BETTER than Seize the initiative, but since I have to switch to shield on some encounters I use Seize.

I also use Resolve for some boss fights with no adds or I will die! but if your gear is good enough then I don't think you need it.

I was unable to solo the inferno SK because I have to kill the skeletons and I didn't do enough DPS before it enrages. If you have a weapon more than 400 DPS you should be able to solo it. I'm able to solo the Spider Queen and the Butcher because I could focus DPS on them.

If an under-geared monk like me could solo inferno, then with your gear you should be able to take one defensive off and replace it with Crippling Wave/Concussion and fully utilize Combination Strikes.

I love my monk and I'm definitely not re-rolling!

Edited: Throw in Resolve and did some spell check...
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Did you solo Inferno act 1?

Just asking cause you're saying you were able to solo Butcher with 4K dps and 30K life while I can't do it with 8K dps and 45K hp.
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Yes I did. Did you use Ally and Resolve? Eternal Ally is the key because it takes alot of hits! I also used Templar. This is what I used against the Butcher:


I died 4 times, once because I couldn't deal enough damage and the rest because I didn't heal up in time and got kill in 3 hits.

I run away everytime he faces me so I mostly get hit just once or twice. As I run I try to use the 3rd strike to do some damage.

I save Serenity for his pull or when I really have to. Instant Karma does alot of damage to him when he pulls for the double strike.

I do more single target DPS with Windforce Fury than Sweeping Wind because when I run away from fire I lose sweeping wind and I can poke him from a far if I have to move away. I rather save the spirit for heals and to get ally back up, but it may take a little bit more practice. If you use sweeping wind you need to make sure you get a hit or two in while moving away from the fire.

Also, you have to try to kill him in 5minutes or the enrage timer will start and the whole floor will be on fire. I got him in 4min 38 seconds on my last try.

Edit: And just to clarify, I'm NOT able to solo through map with my gear. I'm godly if I could, but I party with a barbarian and another monk through act I and I was able to pass through to the Butcher on my own when I come back to solo.

Try more! I could post my profile if you want to see it or I can record another run if really needed, although I rather spend time farming Azmodan in Hell or the first part of Act1.
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