Just recently got into inferno, I'm using this at the moment:

I want to change Electrocute to Disintegrate, but I would need more AP regen while using RoF
-> AP on crit interesting?
-> how much crit% would be necesarry?

I've recently read up on a different build (cant find it anymore) about being able to use Diamond Skin constantly thanks to Critical Mass, again
-> How much crit% is absolutely necesarry?
-> And is it best to replace Illusionist or Glass Cannon with Critical Mass?

I have 20k dmg (buffed with Magic Weapon) 800 life regen (buffed with Galvanizing Ward), 5k hp, crit 5%, 15~ AP on crit.
-> which stat should I sacrifice for crit% & AP on crit? (damage/int or life regen?)

Thanks in advance

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