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Monk isn't a tank, stop playing it like one.

05/24/2012 07:00 AMPosted by zyriana
This post just shows that you're a retard at this game. Rune switching is actually good. If you're just saying that because you like to jerk yourself to Nephalem Valor, then you're just retarded.

Rune switching is bad. Diablo franchise is ALL about loot, ALL OF IT. Loosing 75% Magic Find is really hard on the amount of loot you will get (thus, hindering your ability to farm).

Everyone, stop being jerks. The guy have a build that think can work to level up a Monk. Yes, Hell is easy compared to Inferno, yes, his build will PROBABLY not work on Inferno, but did you guys try it ? At least this guy is trying to give hindsight on something that could work instead of QQing since yesterday about the Boon nerf.

You also must be retarded. The point of rune switching is to prepare for AOE/Single Target/Etc. Rune switch before a boss to get better Single Target performance. Or for your Champion strategy. Some like AOE to take out Champions others would use Single Target to focus them down one at a time (my preferred). AOE for common mobs. Sometimes you need DPS to take down Commons faster. Other times you need some +resist or something else for Champions. Rune switching is good. Saying it's not is ignorance. Once you beat the game and get some good gear and can stay on one skill build, then rune switching is bad so you can get the Nephalem Valor buff stacks. Your answer to my post is just completely ignorant...

Maybe some people are being a bit harsh, yeah. But they (we) have a point. If you haven't played up to level 60 and tried doing Inferno, then you're in no position to talk about something like "Monk isn't a tank". Monk CAN tank if you have enough +resist and use your abilities wisely. Stacking resist, vit and dodge on monks is pretty damn good actually. I've so far stacked about 400 resist on my Monk. Still working on stacking more. His build will not work in Inferno. How do I know? I've tried it.

My build currently works okay-ish for Act I. I've gotten as far as collecting the pieces of Tyrael's sword so far.

My build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#bkXgji!YVU!cababb

Followers (I use Enchantress): http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/follower#!!1001

Str: 200
Dex: 737
Intel: 459
Vit: 547
Armor: 4175
Damage: 7566.46
Atk Spd: 1.61
Crit Chance: 5%
Crit Damage: +82%
Block Amt: 1244-1444
Blcok Chance: 15%
Dodge Chance: 24.7%
Damage Reduction: 58.19
Resists: 394
Max HP: 21752
Regen: 66
Life Per Kill: 147
Globes: 3954
Spirit Regen: 1.27
Gold Find: +26%
Magic Find: +12%

Most other stats are irrelevant.

I'm wearing mostly +resist gear that I found on AH or loot. I have a DPS set in my inventory as well that boosts me up to 12k unbuffed DPS. After buff, I get about 10k with resist gear, 15k with DPS gear.

My strategy is usually to let my Air Ally tank for a while while I attack. I boost my damage as much as I can and snipe with DR. If my Ally starts dying I'll recast and move back. If they come for me, I run or pop my Serenity if it's not on CD and absorb everything. The worst mobs to fight are Mortars because of the range. Everything else is tankable with the Ally or kiteable until Serenity comes off CD. Main healing is from refreshing my MoC. Oh @#$%heal is BOTH Serenity and Breath of Heaven. I'll pop a BoH at the beginning of a fight to boost my DPS a bit as it lasts for 45 seconds (really, really long).

That's the closest I can come to actually tanking anything in Inferno.

I don't think my build will work after Act I and I'll be switching it up (holy @#$% skill/rune switching? I thought it was bad?...)

Do you want to know why people complain about the nerf? Because the nerf is fairly unreasonable. Monks can't do jack against Elites. Blue posts have said they want Monks to stack dodge. Well, that's not exactly helpful when you're getting bombarded by Jailer Mortar Frozen Waller. The easiest Champs I've been fighting are ones with Fire Chain. You can just kite the hell out of them, but then why would someone just roll DH, Wiz, or WD for that?

The point is, Monk is either a @#$%ty tank, or a @#$%ty ranged. Since they're basically all melee (except for DR), they die all the time without their spammable bubble or some heal spell. At least Barb has tons of life steal. DH, Wiz and WD all have great CC and DPS combo (I smell nerf inc.).
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05/22/2012 11:53 AMPosted by SpiritBear

Stop being ignorant.
this is what you are using in hell? inferno?

Act 3 Hell is what i'm currently in right now, but this build is so !@#$ing buttery I couldn't imagine switching it for anything at all.

you do realize like inferno is like on par with hell right and like they do not do more damage or anything so you should be fine
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sevion your stats is low go to ah spend some money
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05/24/2012 09:05 PMPosted by Friedrice
sevion your stats is low go to ah spend some money

I know they're low. But nothing I can do with only 400k.
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Monk's may not be a normal tank but they are suppose to be either a healer or a tank I dunno if you have tried playing as a healer monk but its kind of very uneffective. Monks take 30% less damage than other classes and have 15% less DPS than other classes. That looks like a tank to me
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