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Act 3 inferno gear requirement!

What kind of stats should I aim for if I want to have a chance at progressing in act 3 inferno? Dmg, armor, resistances, hp etc? I just finished belial and it seemed like I was getting 2-3shot by trash mobs in act 3 even tho I have about 75-78% total physical dmg reduction
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Where my homies at?
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While all the ragers seem to be going for a tanky build, it won't work in your favor. You won't be doing the damage you need and you will still get 1-2 shotted no matter where your hp/resist stands. Monks have some of the most OP survival abilities, Serenity gives u Immunity no matter what hp you're at, SSS gives u immunity for the length of the ability and Blind is great for obvious reasons. Running a High dmg build with serenity and blind and with a bit of luck and kiting Im sure you can make it. Just make sure you have enough dmg.

I found that going with a little bit of crit chance and crit hit dmg is great for a high dmg build. It's a bit difficult to get used to in inferno but it's going to be a kitefest no matter what class you play. Pop serenity blows ur CDs back out. Rinse and repeat.
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The best tactic I've been using against elites is to try and kite one of them away from the others then focus him down. It's important to watch your cool downs and swap between your heals and immunity so that you have at least 1 at any given time.

Definitely agree with Arcaik, going high DPS is going to work the best. Unless you want to roll with a party of wizards or any range heroes and just tank for them, but that's just !@#$ing lame.
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Well said Archaik
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