Would someone mind explaining how dual wielding weapons on a barbarian works? To me right now it seems pretty much pointless. As a level 12 barb, I have 2 rare sickles, each one boasting between 14 and 16 damage at about 1.30 (+5%) attacks per second. I have 57 strength, so 57% bonus damage. When I equip only 1 of my two sickles, my Damage value reads 29 and I attack 1.43 times per second. However, equipping the second one raises attacks per second to 1.64 and my damage goes to 31. 2 whole damage. I sacrifice a weapon slot and I get almost nothing. Why would I not equip a shield in my off hand, which offers an extra hundred armor and damage block, over a measly .2/sec attack speed increase.

Am I missing something here?